Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Swatch-o-rama feat. Big T Ranch Soap & Candles!

Howdy Dahlings!
Over da past couple of weeks
I've introduced you to a new to me company
Da fun started with an order from me,
then a bit of chatting with Robyn, da creative genius behind Big T Ranch,
& her asking if she could use some of the pics I had posted of her polish.
I said 'Sure!' & offered to swatch for her.
I don't know where that impulse came from, it just popped out,
but I'm so very glad it did & that Robyn said yes.
Today I have da 5 thermal polishes she sent me to show to you!
So yeah, this is an official sponsored post with press samples
All pics show 2 butter smooth squish jelly coats,
unless otherwise stated & I didn't add top coat.
Let's get this swatch-o-rama on da road...
go potty & grab a beverage before you start, as this post is pic heavy
 This is Cat's Meow
This is a bonus pic cuz I at one point I had cold nail beds & warm free edges.
Usually you'll see da colors da other way around. LOL
 Cat's Meow is a blue leaning violet when cold.
 This is how it looks with warm beds & cold tips.
 When warm, Cat's Meow is this brilliant sky blue!
Robyn added loads of fine blue & purple glitters
along with larger pinkish lavender holo circles
& dark blue leopard spots.
I only needed to do a wee bit of fishing to get da large leopard spots
to come out & play, but this is pretty standard with really big sparkly bits.
I posted this polish last Friday with stamping & you can see it HERE
 This is Circus when cold.
I did need 3 coats of this dreamy teal for opacity
& did a wee bit of fishing for da stars,
but da results were worth da effort.
It also has smaller dots & lil bars,
all in an assortment of bright pastels.
 This is warm beds & cold tips.
This one has a more subtle color shift,
but da fine sparkles & fun glitters give it a fun pop.
 Da light teal color Circus shows when warm is so pretty!
Oh! Guess what?
This teal does not stain!
So no teal on my skin & no teal left behind on my nails.
How cool is that?
 Confetti is the PERFECT spring party polish!
This is da cool color.
 This is da warm bed & cool tips look.
 When warm, Confetti is spot on spring green!
I didn't need to fish at all to get all those bright green flowers &
purple diamonds out, plus no staining!
No nail art needed when you wear this eye popping polish
that's chock full of assorted sizes
of lil bright green bits & lavender mini bars.
 Meet Echo!
I call this yummy polish a galaxy mani in a bottle.
When cold it shows a rich purple.
 When your fingers are warm & you tips are cool
da lil lavender & silver holo glitters can look like stars in da cosmos!
 When warm, Echo turns an almost bubble gum pink.
I enjoyed this polish so much it got to sport some nail art!
I'll be posting that mani later this week.
Methinks Friday?
 Last, but far from least...Hibiscus
This one is another party for your nails!
It's chock full of medium large hex glitters in asst colors
plus a plethora of asst color tiny hexes. No fishing here!
This is the blue violet of cold.
This is warm beds & cold tips. 
I did some stamping over Hibiscus & then matted it.
You can get da deets on this mani HERE
When warm, Hibiscus is a warm blue leaning teal.
The warm denim blue color you see in da bottle i
s da color that shows up between da violet & teal.
You can see a bit of it in da pic above this one.
Are you drooling now or what?
Robyn's creates high quality polishes in a variety of finishes:
gitd, holo, jelly, glitter, duo & multi chrome along with the thermals.
She also makes soaps, candles, incense, mineral eye shadows & lip balms.
She even offers gift stuff for guys!
So you can stuff everybody's stocking
plus treat yourself to some pretties in one stop!
>^. .^<
Put your paws in da air for Big T Ranch claw pretties!
So yeah, I was sent these beautiful polishes for swatching,
but y'all know me well enuf that I wouldn't have offered to do it
if I wasn't in love with da brand.
So go get yourself some Big T Ranch beauty products,
you won't regret it!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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