Friday, February 27, 2015

Big T Ranch ~ Cat's Meow

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have another beautiful thermal
from da swatchables sent to me from
 I loved Cat's Meow at first sight! 
I swatched it last so I could leave it on & art it up.
 After applying 2 smooth yet squishy jelly coats
with a bit of fishing for da chunkier bits,
I played around with the thermal properties to get my swatch pics.
This one is warm nail beds with cold free edges.
 All warmed up!
Robyn was very clever to add fine blue & purple glitters
to da pinky purple holo circles & dark blue leopard glitters
so no matter what temp your hands are there's something fun going on.
 This cold beds/warm tips pic was a happy accident
that happened while I was taking da swatch pics.
I had just done da cold pic
& stuck my hand in da warm water to do that pic,
but my fingers didn't warm up as fast as my nail tips
& my beds kept going back to da purple of coldness.
For da nail art I used Uber Chic plate 2-03 & Nanacoco White Snow
plus da most excellent Creative Shop Stamper
Uber Chic is a brand new indie nail art plate company!
I bought da 2nd set of 3 plates on the recommendation of
Bregje at Oooh, Shinies! after we chatted
about da size of da full nail images.
I am happy to report that these images
are just large enuf to fit on most of my nails!
Only my thumbs need to be stamped on da diagonal.
Uber Chic created images that will fit long nails,
but won't overwhelm short nails
& at 3 plates for $25US with a flat $5 shipping in da US
($10 for international orders)
you can have loads of nail art stamping fun
without resorting to eating ramen.

>^. .^<

These are pics of my Mom's cat, Missy.
She took a break from romancing Ciri
to help me with a bit of crafting...
 I has to taste dis!
 *sniff sniff*
Why dis stuff sticking to mah tongue?
Thanks for stopping by
& please go treat your self to
some pretty perfect polishes from Big T Ranch
& some super spiffy nail art plates from Uber Chic!
~ Inky


  1. Beautiful job! Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks! You are most welcome & Thank YOU, Robyn, for sending me such a beautiful polish to swatch & play with! <3


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