Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big T Ranch ~ Hibiscus

Hello Dahlings!
A few weeks back I introduced y'all to a new to me indie brand
where I showed you 3 of their awesome gitd polishes.
Well Robyn liked my mani pics so much
she asked if she could use them on her site
& da next thing I knew I'd offered to swatch for her.
So today's Big T polish was sent to me for swatching & review!
Last week was a Stamp Camp prep week
& while I liked da 2 Tarts manis I had on,
by Friday I was so ready for something completely different...
 I was seriously loving this mani!
This is Big T Ranch Hibiscus with a bit of stamping.
 When cold it was a rich blue violet...
 ...& when warm it turned a dreamy shade of teal blue.
I also shows da blue seen in the bottle as it transitions.
These 2 coats went on very smoothly
considering they were chocked full of bright pastel small hexes
swimming in a sea of smaller sparkly bits.
No fishing required!
 I used Born Pretty Store's plate BP-43...
 ...with JLB silver to stamp & there was so much blinginess going on
that I couldn't make out the stamping.
 So after adding my regular tc of Seche Vite
I added a coat of Kleancolor Madly Matte tc
& not only did da stamping show better... made da glitters POP!
I don't make da offer to swatch lightly
as I've already turned one hobby into a job
& don't want to loose the fun of polish
under a burden of commitment.
So when I do agree or offer to swatch,
it means I love da brand & want to help promote it.
I am LOVING Robyn's polishes for both the uniqueness of da colors
& da glitter combos plus she does fab gitds
& while I haven't tried them yet, her holos look dreamy too.
I have a Sunday Swatch-o-rama post
of all da Big T polishes Robyn sent coming this weekend
plus a couple more nail art posts featuring some of those polishes.
So do your nails a favor & treat yourself to some new polish pretties
& maybe some soaps, candles & cosmetics while you're at
>^. .^<
Me likey your claws...can I has pretty claws too, peas?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. wow, that glitter is truly gorgeous!

  2. IKR? Add some thermal & we have nail art in a bottle!


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