Monday, February 16, 2015

CNT 52 week Pick N' Mix ~ Geometric & Yellow/Green/Blue

Hello Dahlings!
Ugh! I think I may be coming down with something icky.
I spent most of the night blowing my nose, when I wasn't choking.
I have persistently annoying minor allergies that mess with my sinuses.
So It's either a cold or a sinus infection & if it is a cold,
it may be followed by a sinus infection
Oh Happy Day...NOT!
At least I got today's & next Monday's Tart challenge nails done!
This week we're doing geometric &/or yellow, green & blue nails.
I did this...
 The stamping could be a bit better, but likey!
 Da line up ~ Pure Ice Excuse Me & Free Spirit, Savvy Totally Teal,
Konad blue, Cici & Sisi plate 04.
Not shown are da Creative Shop Stamper
plus da bit of sponge & reverse grip tweezers I used to do da gradient.
>^. .^<
Is no fun when Meowmy gets da ickies.
Thanks for stopping by
& please go check out what da other Tarts are up to!
~ Inky

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