Friday, February 20, 2015

Showing Da Love for Whimsies!

Hello Dahlings!
Last week, one of the admins of the World Of Whimsy FB group
PM'd the lot of us & set up a Valentine's Day show of love for Pam,
the heart, hands & mind behind Whimsical Ideas by Pam aka Whimsies.
Pam's Whimsies were my very 1st indie brand!
Her creativity using glitters is well known in the polish world.
I already had plans to wear one of da polishes Mr Inky got me
& they made da perfect undies for da Whimsy I wanted to wear.
I didn't go for da traditional VD colors,
but I think I showed my love of Whimsies.
Da line up ~ Butter London Airy Fairy, Whimsical Idea by Pam Pippin,
JLB silver & Different Dimensions
Imitation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery
plus Bunny Nails plate HD-A
not shown ~ my Creative Shop Stamper & tiny dotter
 I started with 2 smooth metallic coats of Airy Fairy
& added 2 coats of Pippin to my ring fingers & thumbs.
Minimal fishing was required
to get those big teal holo circles on my nails!
 I applied a coat of liquid latex around my nails
to make clean up after stamping easier.
I love the JLB metallics for stamping, but like many foil polishes,
they tend to leave lil bits of themselves behind after clean up.
I got my latex on Amazon. A 4oz jar is around $10US.
I decanted some into a clear polish bottle for easier use.
Yes, the jar seems huge, but it will last for years &
is a much cheaper option
than what several indies are currently offering.
Plus it comes in so many pretty colors!
 Airy Fairy is a multi chrome & I had wee bit of trouble capturing
da colors, but da shade sure shows all da pretty glitters in Pippin.
So pretty!
 I used IITMSFOF with a tiny dotter to fill in da lil hears I had stamped.
Yeah, It glows. Do you really think I can go very long with out my GITD?
So I had this thought while planning this mani...
...would painting da underside of my nails with gitd polish work?
This mani was so much fun to wear!
>^. .^<
Ziggy (on da right) shows his love for his sister, Jazz (on da right),
by washing her ears & she often returns da favor.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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