Friday, February 6, 2015

The Nail Polish Blogger Connection Link Up!

Hello Dahlings!
I have a lil something different for you today!
A few weeks ago, me & Michelle Lacquer Or Leave Her!
were chatting about promoting each others blogs
when I had a light bulb go off & suggested a Share Da Love thingy for
The Nail Polish Blogger Connection FB group we're both in.
I wanted to call it Pimp Your Polish Pals
She bounced da idea off da other admin & da group, so here we are!
Michelle suggested we use da questions for da group's Featured Blogger
or whatever format worked for us sharing a bit about ourselves.
So read on if you want da dirt on me!
I may have used a lot of words in this post,
so maybe take a potty break before you start?

What is the focus of your blog?

I’m all about da nail art! That said, I do show a base color swatch in almost all of my posts plus I swatch a couple of indie brands, do occasional polish comparisons, show my hair when I dye it w/nails to match & show ways to use crafting supplies for nail art.


What made you start blogging?

I thought I might have something a lil different to offer da nail art world since I have decades of experience in rubber stamping & other crafting skills plus a quirky view on things.


What keeps you blogging? 

Peeps seem to like my creative adventures & my cats.


What other blogs were/are inspirational to you?

Michelle Belle (Mimi Manicures) did a shout out
& kick started my blogging.
I had to post something for peeps to see!
After that I kept at it until I got it mostly right.
Since then my polish pals continue to encourage & enable me.
Da biggest culprits are:

Debbie Crumpet

Michelle Lacquer Or Leave Her!

Amanda Pretty Girl Science


Katy Kacki Paints

and last on this list, but far from least:

My Dahling Polish Daughter Sarah of She Sells Seashells fame!


What advice would you give to someone just starting a nail blog?

Do your blog in da way that makes YOU happy, not so much what you see others doing or what you think peeps want to see. If it feels like a chore cuz you’re not making yourself happy, you won’t want to keep doing it. Oh yeah...turn off da word verification thingy on your blog. Peeps are less likely to comment if you have it on. Set your comments to only post after you moderate them. This way you can weed out spam & decide if anonymous peeps get posted.


What is your polish Holy Grail?

I want a neon purple linear holographic polish!
(think Sinful Colors Dream On neon purple with RAINBOWS)
I did find a nph from Glitzkrieg War Paint last year, but alas, da formula was horribly goopy & she has since closed shop. So I’m still searching & frankening in the hopes of having an eureka moment.


If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one item would you take with you? 

I would want a big assed survival knife with all da whips & jingles...
...if I couldn't have a boat to get off da island.


What else would you like to share about your blog? 

I blog about my nails as a way to share my creative expression. It isn’t about my copying others, it’s about my encouraging each of you to let the best YOU show from da inside out.


Da list also suggested we share a link or 2 to posts that we're especially proud of,
so I picked this one & redid the mani from it for today's post.

Kitchen Sink Saturdays #1

I picked this post to share cuz it highlights 3 milestones in my early polish adventures.

1) For da 1st time ever,
I had grown my nails out to 1" from cuticles to tips!

2) Da purple polish I used was made by me
& is still one of da best frankens I've ever made!

3) I broke out of da 'every nail must match da others'
rut I had been in for 30 years!

Here are da nails!

 I used straight vinyl nail art stencils from
She Sells Seashells to do da pinky & ring fingers.
I should have used them for da index nail lines too, but I went old school
& used my Essence skinny striper. My largest dotter made da big dots.

Da line up ~ my very own Snap Dragon Sparkle franken,
Big T Ranch Black Cat , my largest dotter, skinny striper,
generic chevron French tip sticker forms & da strait vinyl stencils
from She Sells Seashells.

 2 yummy blue violet, camera freaking coats of Snap Dragon Sparkle.
Yeah, it stained my skin, but I don't care cuz I made it myself.

And yeah, it does this when da lights go out cuz...duh!
GITD is most excellent kewl fun on your nails!

>^. .^<
For those of you new to my Inky lil world, meet mah furbabies!

 Cirrus aka Ciri aka His Royal Tiny-ness of Cute-I-tude
He's barely 7 lbs, but he's da alpha cat around here.

 Jazz aka Pretty Itty Bitty Kitty
She bigger than Ciri at 12 lbs, but she's dainty next to her bro, Ziggy.

 Ziggy aka Ziggy Bear aka Bath Machine.
Ziggy is my monster boy at 15lb of love.
His fav activity is giving da other 3 cats tongue baths.
That lil bit of white on below his lip? That's a very long tooth.
Ziggy may be part saber tooth tiger!

Luna aka Luna the Hutt aka Fat & Sassy Mama Kitty
Luna loves to snuggle, eat & get her daily bath from her son, Ziggy.

Thanks for stopping by
& please go show da other
Nail Blogger Connection Ladies some love!
~ Inky


  1. Luna looks like a huge pillow LOL! thank you the shout out

    1. You are most welcome, my DPD! She does! LOL She's in her Luna the Hutt mode in this pic. <3


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