Monday, February 9, 2015

CNT 52 week PN'M ~ Hearts & Purple!

Hello Dahlings!
I'm not a hearts & roses kind of gal
plus the whole commercialism of Valentine's Day
leaves me underwhelmed with enthusiasm.
I'm not anti-romance or anything.
After almost 25 years of marriage to Mr Inky
I certainly enjoy a lil romance.
It's just the whole
'If you love them, buy them expensive stuff!'
advertising that turns me off.
That said,
when a challenge calls for a theme or colors
that I don't personally get thrilled over,
I do it anyway cuz I agreed to participate.
This week da Tarts are doing hearts &/or purple polish.
I'm not so keen on hearts, but purple is a fav color!
So I did this...
 If you look really, really close you might see da hearts I stamped.
Maybe. I'm fine with this & I'll show you why in a mo'.
 I started with 2 smooth coats of Bear Pawlish Holo Back Girl
Very purple & yummy rainbows!
 I then used plates BM-411 & BM-620 from Bundle Monster
& the most excellent Creative Shop Stamper
This link takes you to Beautometry to order yours
as da FB group I ordered mine thru
no long does group orders to get this must have stamper.
 This is why I used da Republic Nail polish shown in da 1st pic!
I love my rainbows, but they aren't much fun when da lights go out.
>^. .^<
Is dat a cat treat?
I may have to eats it to finds out!
Thanks for stopping by
& please go visit da other Tarts!
~ Inky


  1. Hi,Inky.Ive been behind on my blog reading,and just noticed how long your nails have grown.You are blessed.Care to share your secrets on how you got them to grow? Thank you.:-)

    1. It's not really a blessing...I'm just willing to do the maintenance. LOL Most of what I posted in my 'I grew 1" nails' post is still true. The main difference is that I switched from DIY undercoating to DIY overlays. I guess it's time for another post on it? LOL


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