Monday, March 23, 2015

CNT 52 week PNM ~ Mosaic/Stained Glass &/or Pink/Orange!

Hello Dahlings!
This week da Tarts are showing off their mosaic/stained glass manis
&/or using pink and orange polish.
I used both as I tend to do...
 I went with a stained glass accent
& used da sheer polishes over da base color for da rest of my nails.
 I started with 2 blingtastic coats of Orly Mirrorball.
It's rare for a mainstream polish brand to release a linear holo polish
& even rarer for that polish to be most excellent!
 I made my accent decal using Born Pretty Store plate BP-L002,
to make a decal. Then I colored it in using these polishes...
 Da line up ~ Orly Mirrorball (base color), Revlon Just Tinted Desire,
I used my smallest dotter to fill in da design
then added a coat of fast dry top coat to hold da decal together.
I added 2 coats of glaze over da other nails.
Da Mentality polishes were their usual brilliant selves,
but while da Revlon worked fine for da stained glass,
it was a bit of a hot mess to use as a regular polish.
It patched like crazy, leaving me with uneven color.
 I did a lil experiment as long as I was at it
by stamping da image onto my left ring nail,
adding a coat of FDTC,
then coloring it in using alcohol ink markers.
I sealed all my nails with a coat of Seche Vite.
The Stampin' Up! ones I have work really well for this,
but alas are currently unavailable due to a manufacturing flaw.
Copic markers will work for this technique too.
Sharpies might as well, but I've found them to be iffy to work with
as they tend to erase themselves if you overlap the color
& many topcoats can cause the ink to bleed,
alter & or even disappear completely.
 I used these colors.
I know some peeps prefer
to stamp da design on da nail then color it in,
but I think I prefer to make decals for da stained glass technique
cuz they get colored in from da back & da lines stay dark.
>^. .^<
Why you no make these glow like mah eyes, Meowmy?
Dat would look so much better!
Thanks for stopping by
& please go share da lovies with da other Tarts!
~ Inky


  1. Love it!! Can you believe I bought Mirror Ball in August and still haven't even tried it?? What's wrong with me? And I love your lead lighting. You have to teach me to stamp, you are so great at it!!

    1. Thanks! Too many things to do to spend time staring at your nails? LOL I give all the credit to the Creative Shop Stamper! My stamping was a hit & miss hot mess until I got that thing. I whole heartedly recommend getting one to anyone who wants to stamp on their nails, especially if they've got frustrated & gave up in the past. <3


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