Friday, March 6, 2015

First Friday Frankens ~ Mega Punk Final Curtain

Hello Dahlings!
If you've been following along for da last year or so,
you should be aware of my frankening pursuit of my ultimate lemming ~
a strong linear neon purple holo.
I decided to make one more attempt
& no matter how it turned out, I'd call it quits.
This is da final curtain call for Mega Punk
& here's what I ended up with...
 Close but no cigar.
It's not what I had in mind, but it ain't bad either.
 Here are attempts 1-5.
You can catch up on this saga HERE & HERE
So for this final performance,
I dumped 1-5 into an empty SV refill bottle I saved just for this purpose.
I then added some cobalt blue jelly
from a polish that had some major sinkage issues
that I needed to add suspension fluid to & before I could do that,
I had to pour off some of da base color.
This worked to bring Mega Punk back to a more neon purple color
from da fuchsia it was learning towards. I could have added more,
but I felt I was at risk of tipping it into purple if I added too much.
Da rainbow is also weaker than I'd like,
but adding more Spectraflair might silver it
as it's already on da edge of that abyss of no return.
 See what I mean?
It leans towards more of an orchid (ala' 2014 Pantone color of da year)
than da standard neon purple of da Essie Mrs. Robinson I'm holding.
Da rainbows are totally wimpy too,
tho' this may be more due to my using SF35 rather than SF14.
At this point, I
 don't know what more I can do to it that won't ruin it completely.
I do have to pat myself on da head tho'
cuz da formula on this is pretty damn fine!
Other than a few crumbs of undissolved pigment,
its buttery smooth & no staining.
I decided to offer y'all a 2fer after seeing this video
in a post from Loki's Lacquer
about how to add white to polishes that have da viscosity to stamp,
but aren't opaque enuf to show up over darker colors.
This info gave me an idea...
 I grabbed all of my Wet N' Wild Chrome minis
& Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps white.
Da top row of stamping shows everything stamped straight from da bottle.
Da white is ok for stamping, but not quite opaque enuf for my picky self.
Da chromes are really foils & while they do stamp,
they're prone to looking faded if da light hits them wrong.
 This pic shows da fading better,
especially on da stampings on da right side.
I added some of da SH to each bottle, gave them a good shaking to mix
& stamped them again.
Da white didn't make a big dif in da red, copper, gold or light green
but da rest of them are much brighter & more opaque!
I grabbed BPS plate BP-42, da altered WNW Grew Up in Cobalt-imore
& da ever brilliant Creative Shop Stamper to add some art to mah nails.
 We have sun today, so you get a sun pic that just barely shows
da weak ass rainbows in Mega Punk
& da opaque stamping using da altered WNW chrome.
So while not a win, my putzing isn't a total fail either.
I haven't given up completely on my quest!
I've been chatting with a certain brilliant indie holo maker
who has successfully created quite a few challenging customs 
plus several gorgeous holos that are in da ballpark of what I want.
I did let her know that if she can't pull it off, I totally understand.
Like creating a true yellow or true white holo with good rainbows,
 a neon purple may just be nigh on impossible.
I'm optimistic & will certainly squeee to da world
if she does succeed!
>^. .^<
I still tinks you're awesome for a hooman!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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