Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Swatch-o-rama ~ more beauties from Big T Ranch!

Hello Dahlings!
I have another batch of beautiful polishes from
for your drooling pleasure today!
Yep, these were sent for swatching & review
Let's roll out da eye candy, shall we?
all swatches are 2 coats of color with a top coat of Orly In a Snap
 Flower Garden is a frosty cool pinkish purple pearl with a blue shimmer.
It also has lil turquoise & purple holo glitters
& big metallic flowers in purple, pink & teal.
I had no probs getting lots of da lil bits out
& only a wee bit of fishing required for da flowers.
It went on with minimal frosty pearl brush strokiness
& that smoothed out with tc.
See da pretty blue shimmer?
 Petunia is arm wrestling for 1st place
as my fav of this polish bouquet!
It's a rich purple when cold...
 ...that shows off it's lil purple holo sparklies
along with asst size hexes in green, pink, purple & white,
as it shifts from purple to NEON PURPLE to...
 ...fuchsia when warm!
No fishing required to load mah nails up
with all this buttery smooth Inkygasm goodness!
You can see why I went all gaga over this bottle of beauty!
 Robin Egg is da most subtle of da thermals today.
When warm it's a medium light turquoise jelly that really shows off da
big blue holo circles, bars & lil bits of glitter.
 When cold it becomes this rich blue!
The shift is subtle, but you can see it IRL.
My camera could not catch da shift
or I'd have a pic for you. Blerg.
 Rose Petals knocked mah fuzzy socks off as soon as I unwrapped it!
I didn't even know what color it would shift to when warm,
but it didn't matter cuz that scrumptious hot raspberry jelly
chock full of pink, purple blue & green glitters 
plus blue & green holo bits had me at WOW.
 As my hands warmed up, da jelly faded thru da pinks
& showed off all those pretty sparklies!
 When warm, you can see all the glitter colors
floating in this palest pink semi-sheer base.
It looks a bit like those malted Easter egg candies.
I loved this beautiful polish on sight & swatched it last
so I could add nail art & wear it for a couple of days.
Stay tuned for that mani!
 Tulip is a bold medium dark orange when cold
chock full of both fine Spectraflair
& sliver micro glitter that add a butt-tonne of sparklies.
I have a secret love of orange polish,
even tho it's not da best color for my skin tone.
Tulip is gorgeous!
I did not see this coming. LOL
Why I though Tulip would turn pink or red, I don't know,
but da bright sunshine yellow was a most pleasant surprise.
When warm, it's like having Peeps on mah nails!
This ultra smooth to apply polish is so fun!
Now that I've filled your eyes with spring goodness.
go get yourself a bouquet of beauty at Big T Ranch
& don't forget to check out da sale on eye shadow & lip balm!
I bought a tube of da Cappuccino lip balm with my original order
& it smells so yummy plus it's SO smooth & creamy!
I wonder if it would work for cuticles?
Oh Robyn? Methinks I have a cunning idea!
>^. .^<
I think Missy's fav is Tulip, but I could be mistaken.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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