Monday, September 24, 2012

Cool polish, crap mani

Okey dokey, here goes my first polish post. Be gentle with me!

I recent bought 3 polishes from a new indie company called Llama Lacquers on Etsy ( My new treasures from the Princess Bride line are:

Mani in Black ~ a black jelly base with gunmetal hex glitter (the glitter might be silver, but it looks darker in the the polish)

As You Wish ~ a pale pearl pink base with white hex & pink heart glitters

Hello My Name is Inigo ~ a clearish base with plumy purple micro & gold bar glitter

All 3 apply pretty smoothly tho I had to fish a bit in As You Wish for the bigger bits & dab the glitter into place with that one & Mani in Black. This is pretty standard with chunky glitters, so no biggie. Hello My Name is Inigo is packed with glitter, so no fishing required.

I've only done test swatches with As You Wish & Hello My Name is Inigo, but I used Mani in Black over black with lil pumpkin stickers.

base color ~ Nail Fetish 'Dominate', 2 coats
glitter ~ Llama Lacquers 'Main in Black', 1 coat
pumpkins ~ nail stickers that I've been hoarding for 25 years or so (I was surprised they were still sticky! lol)
top coat ~ Seche Vite fast dry, 2 coats (one after applying Mani in Black & the 2nd over the stickers)

Before you look at the photo please note that while I've been doing my own manis for 30 years, I've only been paying attention for about 9 months & still need LOTS of practice on all sorts of things like cuticle care, cuticle clean up & basically everything nail & nail art related. Oh yeah, my photography leaves much to be desired too. Also, the Seche Vite shrunk the black polish over night after I did my nails, so that ain't tip wear.

So here it is:

Why am I posting a less than stellar mani? For Kelly of Llama Lacquers! She wanted to see my mani using her polish. So there you have it.

~ Inky


  1. inky honey!! this isnt bad at all sweetie, i have seen some real shockers of paint jobs....looking like they have had a blindfold on while painting so you are very neat like that. I will give you a tip on using seche vite though, when applying it after painting yor nails always 'wrap the tip' meaning going over the free edge with it..kind of tucking it in if you get my meaning. Seche is by far the best topcoat i have used but it is notorious for shrinkage especially with glitters....once i started wraping the more shrinkage. Hope this helps hun....and fyi, you have beautiful nails hun xxxxxxx

    1. Hello Mimi! I appreciate your visit to my woefully neglected blog! I do wrap both the polish & the top coat, but still get shrinkage occasionally when I use cheap polish & the black undies on this mani are from the dollar store & as one can see it also stains.

      I thank you for your kind word about my nails. For 30 years I've done my own nails, but only this past year have I started to pay attention to details like neatness & cuticle care. I still have a lot to learn & a lot of practice ahead of me! I also need to work on posting more often. LOL


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