Thursday, September 6, 2012


I am a bad blogger...

Yep! I admit it. I suck at blogging. LOL I get busy in the real world & don't make the time to take pictures & post. Best intentions aside, I'm just not up to it. That said, I have a small rant to share:

Blurple? Really?

In the art world exists this thing called the color wheel. At it's most basic it has 6 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue & VIOLET. When red & blue (both primary colors) are combined in equal amounts you get violet. (a secondary color) Violets that have more blue on them are blue violets. If the violet has more red it's called a red violet. Purple is a red violet. (it's a tertiary color)

Blurple is a word invented by nail art bloggers too lazy to look up the real name for the tertiary color know as blue violet. There is no such color as blurple!

This is just basic color theory 101.

Now I can understand that these woman have real lives away from their computers & nail polish. I can also appreciate that few of them are or were art majors in college or work in a color based industry (i.e. art, fashion, home decor or make up) tho' there are some nail bloggers that are pro nail techs. These blogging ladies do their nails & share their love of nail art & polish with the world as a hobby. They aren't going to be writing a thesis on the history of nail polish or color theory as it applies to nail art any time soon.

Does this peeve of mine really matter? No. Not really. I guess it comes from having gone to college as an art major & then to design school where learning the proper names of colors & where in the color wheel they live was mandatory. I also have an OCD tendency to want to call things by their proper name & not just make something up. I will use terms like 'thing-a-ma-jig' & "what'sit' & 'doohickie' cuz I can't think of the proper name at that moment, but if the brain fart persists, I do go look up the name of what ever it is. That's just me. I don't ask or expect these talented women to stop using the term 'blurple' & start using the term blue violet just I cuz my knickers are in a twist.

~ Inky

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