Friday, April 1, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Violet

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are sharing ideas for manis using the color violet
& boy, did we discuss what color violet actually is in our FB group!

When I was in art school last century,
violet was the color between blue & red on the standard color wheel.

These days you'll find color wheels with that color labeled purple.

Our beloved Debbie Crumpet defined it as:

"it should ideally be violet - think more neon. NOT pink, not purple,
but somewhere in between. A blue-toned hot pink"

So I used 3 colors that can all be labeled violet, just to cover my bases,
along with my assigned technique of reciprocal gradient to do this...

 I did this mani last Saturday & am STILL wearing it!
Kristen out did her self with her Color Kids Collection!

The Line Up ~ Cotton Granny Panties franken,

Indigo is a blue-violet,
Stormy is a straight up violet (purple),
& Shy Violet is a NEON red-violet that is almost fuchsia,
but not quite & is my fav all time color EVER!

While these shimmery crellies don't really need undies to POP or glow,
I put on my Cotton Granny Panties for this technique cuz I was worried
that the thin layers of sponged polish would muddy the glow.

No mud here!
I'm also happy to report that my new LG Nexus phone
takes decent gitd pics & with practice will get better.
My Samsung G6 could be iffy when it came to focusing in the dark.
The Color Kids Collection comes with the option
of making them all glow-in-the-dark for an additional $2 each.
So of course I got the whole 15 color set in gitd!

>^. .^<

Ciri approves!

Thanks for stopping by!
Please share the luvs for the other Tarts & The Lady Varnishes!
~ Inky


  1. Oh, awesome reciprocal gradient! I don't think I'll have that prompt. I laughed a lot because me too I used to call violet (last century) to whatever was between blue and red, but got used to using "purple" when I started blogging!

    1. Thanks! I still get stubborn & use violet instead of purple. Blurple still chaps my hide. LOL


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