Friday, January 20, 2017

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Red & Pink

Hello Dahlings!

This time the Tarts are showing you ideas for red & pink manis.

I did this...

Yeah, I know.
Most of you think Valentine's
when you think about red & pink together.
When do I ever do the 'normal' thing?
My base color is a retired polish called Darkest Love 
I stamped using a prototype stamping polish,
also from Cuttin' Edge Nails.

Sara's prototype stamping polish picked up pretty well
& has a fun pinky purple shimmer to it.
Alas, my nails have gotten long enough again
that the full nail design I used didn't quite fit my nails.
The accent nails are reverse image decals I made
by picking up the image on the stamping head,
letting it dry then adding a thin coat of clear polish.
Once that dried, I colored it the image using a dotting tool.
Once that dried, I added another thin coat of the clear.
Once dry, I trimmed the decals to generally fit around my cuticles
& attached using a thin coat of the clear polish on my nail.
I trimmed the decal from the free edge
& cleaned up & tucked the decal edges using acetone & a brush.

>^. .^<

Ciri is underwhelmed.
He thinks I need to do more cat manis.
What do y'all think?

Thanks for stopping by
& please check out the ideas
the other Tarts have to offer!
~ Inky


  1. I think cat manis are undeniably important, but there are no words for how awesome this is. LOVE!

  2. Ooh this fabulous. However I agree that there should be more cat manis in the world too!
    Vicky x

  3. Cat manis are A OK but this one is spot on xx


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