Friday, January 27, 2017

The Lady Varnishes ~ Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"Don't Panic" collection!!!

Hello Dahlings!


Kirsten of The Lady Varnishes released a new collection last Friday,
called Don't Panic!,
based on one of my all time fav book/radio/tv/movies called

Not only did she nail the naming & formula as usual...
she made them ALL glow in the dark!

The two polishes I'm about to show you
were a compensation gift for being an over-eager orderer
& missing out on a Facebook fan group discount code by 5 minutes.
I'm reviewing them because I love them,
not cuz I have to or anything.

So what did I do with the polishes Kirsten sent me...

 TA DA!!!
I love the subtle red sparkly bits in the bright yellow of Babel Fish
& the metallic red plus metallic multichrome bits
in the dark brown squishiness of Battle Shorts.

 From left to right ~
Battle Shorts, Babel Fish, Stow Yer Weapons, The Magic Feather
& A World of Laughter. (AWOL is available in gitd!)
Alas where I used AWOL on my decals got trimmed during application.
You'll see it on my soon!
Not shown ~
Rica Blackout is a most excellent stamping polish!
It's fully opaque & cleaned up easily.
Cotton Granny Panties franken undies cuz gitd glows better over white.

Oh? You wish to see how they glow?
Hang on to your knickers!

 Babel Fish is in your face neon yellow when the lights go out
& Battle Shorts is more subdued with gitd glitters.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mani & the polishes I used!!!
Thank You Kirsten, for making a polish dream come true!

>^. .^<

What's this?
Do I see Dent, Arthur Dent & Ford Prefect?
Taking an intergalactic cruise in your office
is always better with your bestie by your side!

Thanks for stopping by
& treat yourself to
the Don't Panic collection by
the Lady Varnishes today!
~ Inky

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