Saturday, August 5, 2017

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Colour Explosion


I'm only a day behind on blogging now, sorta. LOL

For Colour Explosion, I did this...

 Somebody in the Stamping 101 Facebook group
posted about the new Sinful Colors LE Hypnotic Transforming top coats
that are part of the Punk Yourself collection.
The reminded me of OPI Spotted, only in colors.
and Mr Inky drove me to 3 different Walgreens so I could get all 10.
Yeah, I'm spoiled...but not rotten.

 The non-existent directions are to apply a thick layer of base color
(any brand will do) & then while the polish is still wet,
apply a just right thin layer of the topper.
If the topper layer is too thick, not much happens. (pinky)
If it's too thin, you may get a dry brushed look. (ring & thumb)
If the base color dries too much, nothing happens
beyond sorta coving the base color. (middle)
If you manage to get it just right...
you should get an effect similar to oil on water
as the 2 polishes sorta repel each other. (index)
Don't over stroke it or the base color could get patchy & pull up.
I think these will be fun to play with
once I practice the technique some more.

pinky ~ base Yolo Yellow/topper Redrum
ring ~ base Mint Apple/topper Rebel Rebel
middle ~ base 24/7 /topper Purpunk
index ~ base Energetic Red/topper Concrete Jungle
thumb ~ base Navy I Do/topper Punk the Town
(mine is an older version without the blue tint)
Creative Shop plate 11.

 Because I can. LOL

>^. .^<

Ooooh yeah...dat's da spot!

Thanks for stopping by &
please visit the other Tarts!
~ Inky

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  1. Yeah! Glow in the dark! I already liked the colors you'd picked. :)


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