Friday, August 18, 2017

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ End of Summer

Hello Dahlings!

Life in the Inky household is finally settling down!
At least enough for me to do my nails
without stressing over what isn't getting done,
cuz I'm taking time for myself to paint my nails.

This time the Tarts have mani ideas featuring the End of Summer.
I did this...

 Western Washington spent several very hot weeks
breathing the smokey air from eastern British Columbia, Canada.
I chose to do a stylized version of our sunsets
during this time for this mani.

 Over a million acres burned & breathing crunchy air really sucked,
but all the particulates in the air did fascinating things for our sunsets.
This is an actual photograph of a sunset, not a moon rise!
I'm just so glad that the fires are out or at least under control
& that the winds have shifted & cleaned the air.

Why did I choose the colors I did?

 To match my new hair colors, of course! LOL

 From left to right ~
Cotton Granny Panties franken
Princessa #540-08
not shown ~

 You had to know by now that this pic was coming! LOL

>^. .^<

Dat crunchy air no tasted good, Meowmy.
Me likes dis catnip toy from da Crazy Cat Lady box much better!

Thanks for stopping by
& please check out the awesome mani ideas
the other Tarts have for you!
~ Inky

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