Friday, October 13, 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Presents ~ Friday the 13th

We're Back, Dahlings!

The Crumpet's Nail Tarts are now known as 26 Great Nail Art Ideas!
This means every other week for the next year,
I & the others will share our mani ideas for whatever the prompt is.
Basically...the new challenge is just like the old challenge. LOL

We're starting with the prompt: Friday the 13th
I did this...

 I'm not superstitious
& this was the 1st idea that popped into my head.
If this imagery means nothing to you, go check out this. 

Moyra Black & Sally Hansen Red nail art pen.
(These pens are available pretty much anywhere SH polishes are sold.)
Not pictured ~

For the past few years,
I've used clear liquid latex as a base coat when swatching,
but it doesn't work for manis that I want to last over night,
let alone a week.

I use a franken base that works great for my regular manis,
but this requires acetone to remove & my aging skin no likely.

I recently binge watched all of Simply Nailogical's videos.
I decided to try the Unt peel off base coat after watching this video:
Cristine has natural nails & has worn manis using this base
for up to a week without premature peeling issues.

How well would it work on my gel enhanced nails?
I did today's mani on Monday night.
I have been washing my hands & lubing as usual
with no evidence of peeling.
Will it come off my nails without messing up my fresh gel overlays?

 Yep! Too bad my free hand drawing skills didn't turn out as well. LOL
I lubed up the edges around the polish & gently lifted with the pointed end
of a fine metal file until the polish started to come up.
I then used a plastic cuticle pusher to lift the polish shell from my nail.
Something that worked as well in real life as it did in the video!

A note on using the SH nail art pens ~
If you get the 'ink' in these pens on your skin,
it may not come off with just acetone alone.
I used rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab
to remove any residual red while doing this mani
& will probable have to do so again
to get the lil bits of left overs off all my nails.

 You didn't think I'd forget to do this, did you? Really?

>^. .^<

Meowmy, don't let dat scary hooman get me, k?

Thank for stopping by
& please visit the other GNAI Ladies!
~ Inky

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