Saturday, October 28, 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Presents ~ Halloween with Negative Space!

Howdy Dahlings!

It's my fav time of year & we're showing you ideas
for Halloween manis using negative space.

I did this...
 I'm not fond of this concept.
Mostly because my nails have gel enhancements
(they don't always look nice enough let them show)
& are stained yellow from constant polish wearing.
So I opted to modify it a bit.

 After applying peel off basecoat,
I applied the pumpkin head gitd with tiny iridescent glitters polish.
Then I added a coat of the Sally Hansen Big Smokey TC.
It has a bit of shimmer, but the formula is crap.
It goes on streaky, dries gritty
& can get more streaky when fast dry top coat is added. 
Clear Jelly Big Bling Stamper to add the zombie action.
I finished with a coat of Seche Vite.

 Putting the Smokey tc over the gitd
did give a spectral effect to the glow,
but alas, unlike most of my gitd polishes,
this one has a hard time charging from ambient light,
so my nails don't glow all night long.


 My Halloween tree is a good cure for my mani blues!
This year I went with white skull lights, little purple lights,
purple & white ornaments & a witch on top.
Both Halloween Jack Skellington
& Christmas Jack are a must for my Halloween tree!

My neighbors are used to my weirdness.
Some like it & tell me so, while others say nothing. LOL
I'm gonna be me!

Thanks for stopping by
& please visit the others!
~ Inky

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