Friday, May 15, 2015

HPB Presents ~ May Flowers

Hello Dahlings!
This month da Hobby Polish Bloggers
are doing manis with da theme of
May Flowers!
I did this...
 I used 2 coats of Cuttin Edge Flowers In The Attic
over white undies & then hand placed da butterfly glitters.
I sealed in da goodness with Sally Hansen Dries Instantly.
Flowers In The Attic is from Sara's polish collection of da same name,
based on V.C. Andrews series of books & movies.
Swatches of some of da collection will be posted this Sunday!
It went on buttery smooth with no fishing required & dried flat.
I love how it looks like a Monet painting of a garden on mah nails!
 Da butterfly glitters were a gift from Sara & aren't in da shop,
but you can get a similar look by dabbing flutterbys on your nails
>^. .^<
Missy is one kitty girl that will always be herself.
Thanks for stopping by
& please go share da love
by visiting da other
Hobby Polish Bloggers!
~ Inky


  1. Those butterfly glitters look so fun!

    1. Thanks! They were fun to play with too.

  2. Love those fun glitters! And I would be buying that polish just for the name! :)

    1. You can get it & on sale too! Just don't wait too long as the sale ends May 23rd. :)

  3. Those are so pretty. It looks like a butterflies fluttering in a Spring garden. And Taz says hi to Inky!


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