Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Swatch-o-Rama feat. The Devil Wears Polish!

Hello Dahlings!
I'm so very glad April is over!
It wasn't so much a bad month
as it was an insanely busy period of time.
Now I can get back to da fun stuff like showing you
All of these pics show 1 thickish coat of flakies
over a black base with top coat.
is a refine ultra chameleon chrome flakie with blue & violet flakes
that flash copper, green & gold when  the light hits them right.
Is more in your face with it's larger blue violet flakes
& color shifts of purple, fuchsia, copper, gold & maybe a hint of green.
is also a refined flakie, but that doesn't stop da green, blue
& purple from coming out to play along with flashes of copper.
Yeah, this one has KA-BLING busting out all over
with its truly mega ka-pow flakes of green, blue & purple
that give hints of pink & copper.
What's the difference between UCC & UCC Mega?
Flake size is da obvious answer,
but each polish has a base color that shows most often
& that color is different for each pair of similar polishes...
index ~ Blue Violet
middle ~ Orion
ring ~ Super Nova
ring ~ Saddle Up, Seahorse
All of these beauties dry flat & love to show their colors.
So if you like a more refined, subtle flakie, go with da UCCs.
If you prefer bold, in your face flakies, go with da UCC Megas.
Me? I love both versions!
They aren't dupes of each other
& I like having options to suit my moods.
So head on over to The Devil Wears Polish
& get your flakies on!
>^. .^<
Missy likes all da claw pretties!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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