Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Swatch-o-rama feat. Cuttin' Edge Nails!

Howdy Do, Dahlings!
Today I have another batch of beautiful polishes
from Cuttin' Edge Nails to share with you!
Some were sent for swatching & review,
while others were bought  be me or were gifts from Sara.
This is da required legalese shiz cuz me & Sara be all cool about it.
All swatches are 2 coats of color over clear liquid latex
with SH Dries Instantly top coat, unless otherwise noted
Let's get this polish party started!
This is a subtle shimmery topper unless worn over dark undies.
I used black undies for this pic.
It adds a rich pinky-purple shimmer
& scattered holo rainbows to any polish!
This is a GREAT summer fun polish!
The milky white jelly base is buttery smooth
& the neon rainbow of butterflies
& assorted hex bits playing tag
with larger silver holo hexs means eye candy
both indoors & out in da sun having fun.
You may need a 2nd layer of top coat
if any of da butterflies try to flutter their wings.
This is da bottle you should be grabbin'
when you want to add lil rainbows to ANY mani!
This is one coat over Girls Will Be Girls
& you may recognize it from last week's Tart mani.
Another subtle polish unless worn over darker undies.
shown over black here
It's jam packed to da point of no fishing required
to load your nails with asst silver holo bits, shards of iridescent
& lil white bows in a luscious shimmery blue buttery smooth base.
It's like instant winter on your nails...without risking frostbite!
Needing some poke your eyes out bright green holo fun?
Than you NEED this polish!
It does need 3 thin or 2 thick coats for opacity
shown here with 2 commando coats
or you could put on some white undies to make it go WOW.
As an added bonus, when you order Tinkbell,
you get a mini of You Can Fly!
This topper is stuffed full of neon flutterbys, largish silver holo hexes
& lots of blue micro bits!
Minimal fishing required to add some lost boys fun to any mani.
Admit it, you know you want these beauties on your nails!
So head on over to Cuttin' Edge Nails
& load up on fantabulous polish
plus stamping plates & bling
all at very reasonable prices.
>^. .^<
Meowmy won't lets me wears dese claw pretties,
so YOU have to wears dem for me, K?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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