Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Green Sparkle

Hello Dahlings!

Tonight's mani is an effort at some holiday cheer. It sorta works? LOL The real holiday art will be seen in the 12 Days of Holiday Nail Art Challenge hosted by Pink & Polished & Over Polished that starts posting next Sunday, December 2nd. Interested in joining the fun? Head to either blog & sign up! I will be participating & hopefully won't blind anybody with my holiday nail art attempts.

Tonight's line up: Sinful Colors San Fransisco, Finger Paints LE Sparkle Top Coat & Santee Gold Bright. Sparkle has a hidden beauty that doesn't show in the bottle!

This is 2 coats of San Fransisco. It needs 3 for full opacity, but I didn't worry about it knowing I'd be putting glitter over it. It also stains the skin a bit, so clean up took a lil longer than usual. Still, it's a nice Christmasy green.

This 2 coats of Sparkle Top Coat with large dots in Gold Bright to break up all that green space. I should have picked a different gold or left them off altogether, but the Gold Bright was handy & I just can't leave my nails with out any attempt at nail art. You can see some of the glitz of Sparkle in this pic, but my camera was not willing to capture the full glory of this Limited Edition holiday polish on my nails.

Fortunately, it did come thru in this pic off the swatch wheel! This is 2 coats of Sparkle over black & the natural wheel color. Sparkle has a Flakey quality of not looking like much in the bottle or over light colors, but put it over a dark color & LOOK OUT! It has micro glitter in green, blue & gold and the shiney bar glitter flits between gold, pink & orange. Holiday cheer in a bottle! Finger Paints polishes are only available at Sally's Beauty Supply, so get to your Sally's ASAP or you'll miss out on this hidden beauty!

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. So pretty!!! San Fransisco is one of my all time favorite greens!! And I like your gold dots I think green and gold together are SO pretty!! I almost picked up Finger Paints LE Sparkle but passes instead... after seeing this tho I think I need to reconsider SO MUCH SPARKLE!!! :D I can't wait to see your designs for the challenge I know they'll be awesome!!! :D

    1. Thanks! Sparkle is one of those polishes that could be easily over looked in the store. LOL I almost didn't get it myself, but it was on sale. I figured I go for it & could always franken it if I didn't like it. I LIKE!

      Tonight I'll be doing my Holiday Song inspired nails!

  2. Hey lady!! I haven't been to visit for so long....I've been sooo busy! Hoping that I can be back in the blogging world more often again. I am super impressed with how much nail work you have been doing! Your nails look great :-) Can't wait to see more. And I love these colors!

    1. Hello Dahling! I was starting to think you fell off the edge & not a postcard in sight. LOL Thank you! I have been a busy lil nail blogger & hope to continue posting & improving my nail art skills. I look forward to new posts from you!

  3. Prettttyyy! San Fran is one of my fave Sinfuls. Such a fun color!


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