Thursday, November 15, 2012

I have the Ruffle Mani Blues

Hello Dahlings!

Sarah from Chalkboard Nails does the most perfect Ruffle Mani I ever seen. (big sigh) This is my 3rd attempt & while its better than those that came before...I still need to practice this design more before I'll be happy wearing in on my nails. It also works for my Rainbow Challenge as my blue nails, so something good came out of this. I mentioned in my Dotted French Tip Glitter Ombre (a la Colette) post that I was trying the white glue base coat again. Here are the results:

Better! I still didn't get the polish off in one piece as reported by other bloggers, but I was able to get most of it off with just my jumbo orange stick. Both thumbs & my right pinky resisted all attempts to scrape the polish off the white of the nail, but like last time, the glue is no match for pure acetone & came off easily after a minute long soak.

Tonight's line up: Scandal Marine Blue, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away mini, Orly Snowcone, Finger Paints Blue Raspberry Taffy, Hello Kitty (no color listed), L.A. Colors Splash & Sally Girl 812097.

This 2 coats of Marine Blue over my usual base coat. In the bottle it looks like a very pale blue, but on the nail it has a hint of green to it. I could almost get away with 2 coats of this polish, but if I were to wear it alone w/o nail art (gasp!) I would do a 3rd coat to smooth out the smidge of streakiness & hint of VNL.

Check out the cuticle oil lube job! LOL
I used my largest dotting tool head & tried really hard to keep my dots the same size & in even rows. (Note to self: life is about progress, not perfection) I will master this design! Someday, after lots of practice, maybe? Anywho, after doing what I could I added a coat of the Sally Girl mini topper. It's a pearly sheer mint w/turquoise micro glitter. Last but certainly not least, a coat of Seche Vite.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky
P.S. Please forgive my wonky editing. I'm having 'puter coniptions tonight & hubby (the computer enginner) is asleep. I ain't waking da bear over this! LOL


  1. ahhhhh Inky Inky Inky......i adore what you have done here, the blue you used looks ahhhhmazing on you girl!!! such a lovely design...i am so trying this! xxxx

    1. Thanks Mimi dahling! This design is great for using mini polishes since it doesn't use much of any one color, tho with our long nails we still use more than most. Be prepared to spend time on it tho, as doing all those rows of dots evenly is not a fast process. LOL

  2. Love your ruffles!!!! The blues are so gorgeous together :) I've yet to try the glue base coat either but maybe if you do a thicker coat it will all come off in one piece? Just thinking out loud.... lol!

    1. Thanks! I will try that next time. I was just glad it came off better this time. LOL It does tend to dry unevenly & pool (leaving lumps) if I don't leave my hands flat after applying. Progress, not perfection is the goal!


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