Saturday, November 3, 2012

NOTW #4 Day of the Dead party nails!

Hello Dahlings!

I thought I was going to leave my dark red nails on until Sunday, but Mr. Inky text'd me this afternoon to let me know we'd been invited to a Day of the Dead party. We went to this couple's DoD party years ago & had fun. So off came the red & on with the sugar skulls!

Tonight's line up: Orly Dayglow, Wet N' Wild Sage in the City, China Glaze Splish Splash, Wet N' Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer, China Glaze Love's a Beach, Finger Paints Prints & Printsess & Orly Liquid Vinyl. Who says neons & brights are only good in the summer? Not Me! LOL

This is 3 coats of Dayglow over my fav base coat. The 1st coat was patchy, the 2nd coat was streaky, but the 3rd coat leveled it all out. In the bottle this polish has a slight blue violet shimmer but it didn't show up on my nails. (Please pardon those very scary cuticles!)

I used my handy dandy dotting tool for most of the elements & my short striper for the teeth. (My cuticles begged loudly for their after mani cuticle oil bath. LOL)

Don't forget Mr Thumb! He's a lil shy & avoids having his photo taken, but was willing to come out & play tonight so he could show off his fancy paint job.

This is the t-shirt I'll be wearing tonight. I based my skulls on the colors & used some of the design elements. I got it (on sale!) at the Alamo when we were in San Antonio a couple of years ago to watch our son graduate from Basic Training. He's a Senior Airman now!

Thanks for stopping by & don't forget to go visit Mimi Manicures so you can follow her awesomeness!

~ Inky


  1. I LOVE the sugar skulls! They are awesome, and the colors are spot on :] Great job!

  2. Like woah I thought I commented on this yesterday but apparently NOT! Ugh technology :( LOL But I totally love this mani! Sugar skulls are so cool and they look so beautiful on your nails!! I hope you had fun at the party with Mr. Inky and rocked those nails :)

    1. How will my itty bitty ego ever survive the slight? LOL Gee, you might have a life outside of blog hopping. I can appreciate this!

      The party was a boring grownup moment of Mr Inky pleasing his new boss by going to his party. We hung out for a lil over an hour...then went for sushi. So the night wasn't a total wash. LOL

    2. Haha I really did think I commented though I remember typing it up... I probably just didn't hit publish -_-

      mmm I'm to much of a weenie to actually try sushi... something about raw fish that gets me LOL But at least Mr. Inky got brownie points from the boss for going :)

    3. It happens. LOL

      I think I was in my 30's before I even considered it & then I started with cooked things like shrimp & crab. LOL Now I luv most of it, even sashimi (raw fish). Surprisingly, raw fish tastes a lot like it does when cooked, the texture is different tho'.

      Yes, he did! LOL


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