Monday, November 5, 2012

NOTW #1 Double Dotted Ombre

Hello Dahlings!

Back to my personal Rainbow Challenge! Today we have Red-Orange-Yellow ombre nails with black & white double dots and a lil bit of sparkle cuz life is better with sparkles & sprinkles.

Today's starting line up: Finger Paints Lemon Sour, L.A. Colors Wired, Orly Crush on You, China Glaze Rougish Red & Wet N' Wild Red Red.

You're looking at 3 coats on my pinky, index & thumb. I had to do 4 coats on my middle & ring fingers. Crush on You is more of a jelly than a creme & Wired is a really thin creme with delusions of being a jelly when it grows up. Ain't gonna happen! My recommendation is to wear white undies with these 2 if you don't like umpteen layers of polish or VNL. Both could have used a 5th coat for full opacity, but I knew I could hide the VNL with dots so called it quits at 4.

For a lil added fun I added glitter. Tho' it doesn't show well in the photos, it has pinkish red, orange coral & yellow gold iridescent bits.

Here's the rest of the line up: Milani Black Magic & White on the Spot plus L.A. Colors Sassy Sparkles.

Ta Da! I love the fun contrast of black & white double dots! I think they pull this mani together. I used my largest dotting tool for the big dots & the small ball on the other end for the inside dots. The ombre part took way longer than the double dotting due to the extra coats needed. Dotticures are one of my fav quick nail art techniques!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Inky


  1. Super cute :) I love dotticures! But I can never get my dots perfectly round like yours I think I'm gunna have to cave and buy some good dotting tools :( Wahh for spending money! LOL Love your nails though :)

    1. Thank You! My dots ain't perfect, dahling. LOL It's just a wonderful illusion. This is one of the reasons I like the double dots, they can hide a wealth of lop sidedness.

      You don't really need a set of dotting tools as how big the dot is can be controlled by how much polish is on the tip of whatever you use & how much you press down on the nail. i.e. paint brush handle, dried out ball point pen, tooth pickk etc. You can also find inexpensive dotting tools at your local craft/art supply store. Just ask for an embossing stylus so they know what you're talking about. lol

    2. Well your dots definitely look perfect!! LOL an I do use the end of brushes and toothpicks and stuff but I can never find just the right size I'm looking for -_- but I'm so cheap ill probably never buy actual dotting tools hahaha

    3. Thanks! LOL It really is just a matter of practice with whatever 'tool' you use. The more polish there is drying on the tip of the tool, the bigger your dots will get. Barely kiss the tip of a clean tool to your nail & make tiny dots. Practice!


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