Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Converse ~ Nailed It NZ style!

Hello Dahlings!
Todays design is a direct import from New Zealand! Jessie does really unique & well done nail art AND she puts together step-by-step tutorials so the rest of can have kewl nails too. Here's my version:
Da line up: Orly Dayglow: Essence Colours 3 duo polishes in (the 1st name is da top polish) front row or back stage?/ticket to the show, party all night/shopping trip in soho, it's just a little crush/boys are back in town, city that never sleeps/midnight date, stop for an ice cream/a walk in the park; Orly Liquid Vinyl. I didn't use front row or back stage? cuz it's fairly opaque & covers up it's mate when layered.
2 coats each, starting at da top: thumb ~ ticket to the show has a subtle rainbow of tiny glitter like lights at night, index ~ shopping trip in Soho has a subtle shimmer, middle ~ boys are back in town is a creme, ring ~ midnight date has a subtle grren shimmer, pinky ~ a walk in the park has a subtle lighter green shimmer. All went on pretty well but walk in the park wanted to stain my skin. Blerg.
One coat each of the toppers: index ~ party all night long is a small purple flakie in a dark pink jelly, middle ~ it's just a little crush is a purple & pink glass fleck in a pearly base, ring ~ city that never sleeps is a green flakie in a lavender jelly, pinky ~ stop for an ice cream is a blue & green glass fkeck in a peraly base. You can see a bit of the multi color micro glitter in ticket to the show on my thumb in this pic.
Ta Da!  OK. I failed at getting a good pic of this & I had some smearing from top coat. Oh well, it's still a fun mani! I used a small detail brush with Dayglow to make the toes & laces as well as with Liquid Vinyl to make the toe lines. I used a small dotting tool to make the holes for the laces. While I like the colors in this polish line, I don't like da bottles! I'm pondering if it would be worth da effort to decant them into single mini bottles. You thoughts on this would be lovely!
To see a really good version of this design, go check out da original at Nailed It NZ
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


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