Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Kitty Nail Fail

Hello Dahlings!
Have you ever seen something in da store & thought how cheap it looked & how crappy it probably was & bought it anyway? LOL That's what I did with some da polishes I used for this mani. I adore Hello Kitty & when I saw 2 polish packs for kids at Target, I just had to get them even tho I knew da polish would be crap. I was right!
Da line up: Milani White on the Spot, da lil square Hello Kitty bottles are da cheap kid polish, da lil round bottle is a Choco Cat polish from a store carrying Asian cartoon stuff & the larger square Hello Kitty black polish is from da Sanrio store. (Sanrio makes Hello Kitty) None of da HK polishes have names or #s.
I started with one coat w/wrapped tips of White on the Spot cuz I knew these polishes would be on da sheer & spotty side. I had to add thinner to all of da lil square bottles cuz they were more like liquid plastic that was congealing than polish. I think this stuff is intended to dry fast then it can be peeled off w/o hurting da kid's nails. I did 2 coats of each cept da Choco Cat polish on my index finger. That needed 3 cuz it was very sheer & it was da only one that didn't give me any application issues. I then added a coat of SV to even out da surface & BAM!...instant shrinkage from da cheap polishes. Seche Vite will shrink polish as it gets thicker, but in my experience, it will also shrink cheap polish even when da SV is fine. Da shrinkies went all around da edges so my nails almost looked tie dyed. You can really see it on my thumb.
Moving on...I decided to practice my skinny stripes using da Essence striper brush that comes in their nail art kit. Da black polish worked pretty well. Da silver was a gloopy pita like da rest of da cheapies. When I applied a final coat of SV to finish this monstrosity off, da silver polish shrank, but da black didn't. EPIC FAIL! LMBBO
The good news for me was that both sets of cheap polish came with 2 lil Hello Kitty head charms. I made 2 into earrings & have da other pair in reserve. A pair of HK earrings for $5 is a good deal! Also, the Choco Cat & black HK polishes work just fine! They are more of a novelty than anything, so I can't recommend them unless you're a Hello Kitty fan.
If you want good Hello Kitty polish, go to Sephora.
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~ Inky
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  1. It's not that bad! The finished mani reminds me of pyjamas x x x

    1. Thanks! I did my best to make lemonade with crappy polish. lol

  2. They are not that bad >.< You are just being to hard on yourself :D

    1. Thanks! The art part isn't so bad, it's da cheap polish that made this a fail...those were almost nasty to work with & not worth da effort to use again. lol


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