Friday, February 15, 2013

Franken February Friday #3

Hello Dahlings!
This Friday's fab frankens are some of my earliest experiements.
Da line up: Psychedelic Pink & Bling Bling made by yours truly with Stripe Rite black.
So sparkly! PP started out as a bottle of clear polish that I added Martha Stewart's Fluorescent Pink glitter & Recollections Bling silver holo glitter. Because this is a regular clear top coat it doesn't suspend the glitter so I have to shake da bejeebers out of it to mix it up & keep it mixed while using it. One would think that da Martha glitter would be of a higher quality than the Michael's 'home' brand. NOT! It bled into da clear & tinted it. This is fine cuz I didn't have any specific expectations when I started mixing...I just wanted a bright pink & sparkly polish and I got it.
When I think I almost threw out the base for this polish, I want to cringe. LOL It started out a 20 year old bottle of Wet N' Wild silver glitter that had tarnished & turned the clear base yellow. I overloaded it with Bling & fell in love! In the bottle it looks almost like a linear holo, but it's scattered on da nail. I don't mind cuz it's uber shiny!!! Because I started with a glitter polish the added glitter stays mixed & floating.
This is 2 coats of PP. It's nearly opaque as is so I didn't go for 3 coats. It's also really textured...I think I may have found a DIY version of da textured polishes that are all da rage right now! lol Da thing is...not all glitter is da same. Some work just fine, others bleed & some melt. That's right, they melt into a blob of plastic that sinks to da bottom of da bottle. I highly recommend you test any glitter you wish to add to polish by placing a drop of da polish on a piece of foil & sprinkling a tiny bit of da glitter into da drop. If it's going to bleed or melt it will happen before da polish dries. Bleeders can be used, melters are better saved for other crafting uses. The same goes for any potential nail art supplies like glequins & 3D items bought in a craft store instead of a nail art source.
Oh yeah, you might want to see the finished mani! lol
Ta Da! This is SO sparkly & bright my camera couldn't handle it & da pics kept getting washed out, even after I turned da flash off.
My inky lil brain has all kinds of ideas for new frankens rolling around in it, kinda like bb's in a boxcar. lol Me thinks I'll have to do something about da brain clutter...
I know Fitzy is bogged down with a new job & won't be joining us this week. I don't know about Morgana either. I think you're just getingt me this week!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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