Sunday, February 3, 2013

Franken February Friday #1 ~ late!

Hello Dahlings!
I do appologize for being 2 days late posting for my own idea. Work has been kicking my not-so-tiny tushie & making polishing my nails, let alone posting, a challenge. A big thanks to Fitzy for getting this going by posting on time! If any of you would like to join us in posting your own Franken Polish creations on Fridays in February, please do, and let me know so I can link you in at da bottom on my posts. <3 font="">
Da line up: Reflex Black Violet, Reflex Violet Pearl, Interference Purple & Stripe Rite white. I'll introduce you to each of my babies one at at time.
Meet Reflex Black Violet! It started out as a bottle of black Nail Fetish polish from da Dollar Tree & it had a bit of an opacity issue but wasn't a jelly. So I added Reflex Violet craft pigment powder to see what would happen. Me likey! It turned into a vibrant yet vampy violet black. An added bonus to using pigment powders in frankening is that the opacity of an existing polish can be increased.
Meet Reflex Violet Pearl! This one started out as a bottle of white L.A. Color polish from da Dollar Tree. Nothing wrong with it for a cheap white polish, but I bought with frankening in mind. I liked how RBV turned out, so I added da same powder to da white along with some white pearl pigment powder & got this. Da pic doesn't show how well these siblings 2 play together!
Meet Interference Violet! It started out as a bottle of clear L.A. Colors base coat from da Dollar Tree & I added Interference Purple pigment powder to it to make a topper. You can just see da hint of purple shimmer in da above shot. Like the store bought interference topper polishes, it doesn't look like much in da bottle, but layer it over darker colors and...look out! It does add a nice pinky purple shimmer to lighter colors, but I prefer da bolder look.
Ta Da! This is 2 coats of RBV & RVP with a line of white & 1 coat of IV over everything. I was SO tired last night that I kept dozing off between coats. lol So I kept it simple with a double line French tip, using opposite colors on my ring fingers for an accent.
Thanks for stopping by & please go visit Fitzy at Lacquer Lad He has beautiful nails & a lovely as yet un-named franken to share with us today!
~ Inky


  1. wow!!!1 i bloody love this inky my dearest well done honey xxxx

  2. Me likey! So many pretty purple polishes. ;)


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