Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blue, Green & Bored

Hello Dahlings!
Last weekend I was having a bored moment & went looking for mani ideas on Twitter. My Twitter pal @SparkylieNails suggest doing a dotticure & another lovely lady (I can't remember her name, I've slept since then, sorry!) suggested using blue & green. I went with it & this is da result:
Da line up: Kiwi Gold Franken made by yours truely, Revlon Black With Envy & Nubar Absolute. Frankening is a great way to turn polishes you don't like into ones you do. I've done it by combining existing polishes as well as adding craft pigment powders &/or loose craft glitter to neutral base polishes. My fav source of base polish to putz with is clear, white & clear with small glitter polishes from da dollar store. If I mess it up, I'm only out a buck! I have lots of fun powders to play with from my years of crafting & will share what I've learned soon with my Franken February series. (Fitzy from Lacquer Lad was having a serious frankening fit yesterday & is willing to share his creations with us in february. I'm so looking forward to this informal collaboration...Fitzy is BRILLIANT & had GORGEOUS nails!) Now on to da nails of today's post:
This is 2 coats of Black With Envy. It was one of the many polishes I picked up uber cheap at da Grocery Outlet next to my local PO. (They have 4 packs of Revlon polishes for $5 & 6 packs for $7...SCORE!) It went on with no issues & is a nice medium-dark metallic gray. Then I dinged up my ring finger pretty bad before I took pics. So please ignore the polish patch on that finger in da above photo. It wasn't the polish's fault, it was mine. lol
I'm so not thrilled with how this turned out! It wasn't the concept, it was my polish choices & dotting technique that failed. There isn't enough contrast between the blue & green polishes, so they tend to blend together visually. Plus I totally failed at doing either random dots or organized dots, the sizing of the dot layers is off & the placement of the 2nd layer of dots is skewed. Not an epic fail, but a fail none the less. Note to self: just cuz I like 2 colors together doesn't mean they will play nice on my nails. Live & learn!
Thanks for stopping by & please be on da look out for da Franken Fest coming soon!
~ Inky


  1. Hey I like these a lot! :) I can definitely see the contrast between the blue and green and I think it's cool that they are so close... And join the "I can't do random things" club! Haha! Super gorgeous inky!! :D

  2. Yeeeeah frankenfeb! I still think your nails look sweet, even if you say it's a fail. I think the colors would have worked with more random, overlapping placement. Maybe? lol

    1. Thank you Dahling! You know how one tends to have an idea in mind when starting a mani? It looks so good in da mind's eye & if it doesn't turn out that just doesn't look right, even if it isn't bad. LOL That's where I am with this one. I failed to achieve da look I wanted, but the results aren't hidious. <3


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