Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kitchen Sink Saturdays ~ #3

Hello Dahlings!
Today is the 3rd Saturday of January & it's Kitchen Sink time!
Da line up: Ruby Kisses Solid Copper, Orly Luxe, Sephora by OPI Come to Pappa-razzi! & L.A. Colors Black Pearl.
I did 2 coats on all fingers: thumb, middle & pinky ~ Black Pearl; index ~ Solid Copper; & Luxe is on my ring finger.
Ta Da! Some ideas worked better than others, but overall I'm happy with how this set turned out & have been wearing it for several days. (I usually change my polish every other day.) Here's da nail by nail scoop: thumb ~ double dots made with both a lg & sm head dotting tool; index ~ this started out as a stamped leopard print, but Black Pearl isn't that good for stamping, so I added da gold dots with a dotting tool & freehanded the rings using the smallest dotting tool I have (the 1 with the point rather than a ball); middle ~ glitter bomb!; ring ~ I stamped the tiger stripes using Black Pearl & Cheeky plate 02; pinky ~ I used my short striper to make a double line French Tip. A coat of Seche Vite & all is well in my polish world!
Only one Saturday left in January? Waaaaa! This has been a fun challenge & I'm going to miss it. I do have some fun posts planned for the near future, including a birthday give-a-way from me to YOU!
Stay tuned & thanks for stopping by!
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~ Inky
Swishie at Swishie Nails
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  1. This is great! I think the thumb design is my favourite :)

    1. Thanks, Wendy! Double dots are easy & a fun look for sure. <3

  2.! LOL I am totally in love with your nails lady!! They are so fabulous!! :D

  3. i seriously am in love with the dots on your thumb!

    1. Thanks! Double dots are fun & easy to do


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