Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kitchen Sink Saturdays #2!

Hello Dahlings!
It's the 2nd Saturday in January & that means #KitchenSinksaturdays nails! What is a Kitchen Sink Mani you ask? It's where every nail on the same hand is different from the others. They might have different colors, patterns &/or textures...whatever we want to throw at them, except da kitchen sink. I opted to throw in a comparison while I was at it, so y'all are getting a twofer today!
Today's line up: Ruby Kisses Pink Blinged Out, China Glaze 108 Degrees, L.A. Colors Paradise Pink, Sally Hansen Gleaming, Wet N' Wild Frosted Fuchsia & Orly Liquid Vinyl.
There isn't really much difference at 1st glance. 2 coats on each finger, starting at the bottom:
pinky ~ Pink Blinged Out has a slight blue shimmer & is the lightest of the polishes used; ring ~ 108 Degrees has blue glass fleck shimmer that you can just see in the photo, it was the sheerest of da bunch & needs a 3rd coat or undies for opacity;
middle ~ Paradise Pink is close in color to PBO tho the blue shimmer was a tad bit stronger;
index ~ Gleaming is a bit darker than the previous 3 & has a pink shimmer glinting from it's depths;
Frosted Fuchsia on my thumb is the darkest of the lot with a subtle pink shimmer.
Over all I'd say you don't need all of them, but if you love fuchsia like I do, I recommend China Glaze 108 Degrees & Wet N' Wild Frosted Fuchsia as the 2 most unique of the 5 I've shown here.
For the Kitchen Sink part of da show I used the Liquid Vinyl with a dotting tool & a striper brush, plus: Fun Flock Plain Ol' Black flocking fuzz, clear micro beadz, craft foil & glue, a bit of sponge & Orly Top2Bottom. The T2B sucks as a top coat, but works great for gluing bling & other embellishments to your nails! All of the crafty stuff was bought at either a craft store or rubber stamping convention & have been floating around in my crapht room for years.
Ta Da! From left to right:
Pinky ~ these are self adhesive bling from da craft store & if you want to use top coat, don't use these black ones on your nails! When I used SV on my left pinky the black beads started to melt, turning the end of my nail into a black blob. Blerg. I had to strip that nail & start over from da base coat. So in this pic there isn't tc on da pinky. After pics I took the beads off & made some medium sized black dots in two rows to create a French tip that imitated the beads then topped it with SV.
Ring ~ I used a lg dotting tool w/Liquid Vinyl to make big dots then I topped it with Seche Vite. When dry I added dots of T2B over the black dots & poured the flock over the nail. The fuzzies were still going strong 2 days later when I changed my mani.
Middle ~ I used a sm dotter to make a boarder of dots using Liquid Vinyl & topped it with SV.
Index ~ I did the same dots as on the ring finger except I poured clear beadz (aka fish eggs) over the T2B. Once the T2B dried those eggs were stuck but good! I started picking at them the 2nd day & couldn't budge any of them. I want to try full nails of both the flock & the beadz using Top2Bottom. It worked great!
For the thumb I painted a big French tip in black then SV. I used the bit of sponge to dab the glue over the black & waited until the glue turned clear. This type of glue is still sticky when it dries. I then laid the foil, fancy side up, over the glue & rubbed over it with my finger until the area was covered. A layer of SV & I was done
I am having tons of fun doing these #KitchenSinkSaturday nails
& am already planning the next one! Now go visit the other players!
Sarah at Swishie Nail's
Claire at Kerruticles
Hopefully everybody gets their's posted ASAP! I know Nic & Claire have theirs up at the time I'm writing this (1:52am PST lol) & the others will surely follow suit when they get up this morning.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I love the idea of just little areas of flocking or caviar beads - never done that before and it looks great. Will try that out soon.

    1. Thanks! I was easier than I thought it would be & lasted 2 days, no problem, except I kept running my fingers over the 2 textures. LOL

  2. awesome manicure. pink is my favorite color so i love each of the different designs lol

    1. Thanks, Dawn! These Kitchen Sink manis are SO FUN to do.

    2. i've never tried one lol, they do look like fun

    3. You should check out Nicole's nails! She's da Queen of Kitchen Sink manis!!!


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