Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Up to 25% Off Starting Today!

Hello Dahlings!
Enjoying the New Year so far? Mr Inky & I spent the night with friends. We were nibbling fantastic food (Toad in the Hole w/creamed spinch, asst cheeses, dips & crackers, all topped off with Flaming Mulled Wine) & enjoying BBC comedies & wide topics of adult conversation til 4am! I am getting too old for so much fun. I is a rather pooped Inky today. LMBBO Onto da nails...
What's this? Inky only used TWO polishes besides top & base coat? Tonight's mani was Mr Inky's idea, so these 2 were all that were needed to fullfill his 'vision'. Da line up: Orly Sheer Nude & Finger Paints Hollydazzle. Oh...yeah...I, um...cut my claws...
Ta Da! I chopped up to 25% of my nail length off tonight. I could tell I'd be happier with da shorter nails right away. It took me noticably less time to paint my nails than it has for the last couple of months. I can also type faster without my nails getting caught in the keyboard & I can make a fist now! Mr Inky better behave his affecklate self. Meow!
Now for something completely different...
I am so happy at the progress my lil blog has made in the last few months & I have YOU to thank! Is there something you'd like to see blog about? I think I've found a nice ballance between showing a swatch of whatever base color I'm using & nail art plus Haul & technical posts. Is this working for y'all?
Please let me know in da comments what your thoughts on this are?
Also, to all you lurkers out there...I want to have a give-a-way when I reach 100 blog followers. The sooner y'all click 'follow' the soon y'all get a chance to win FREE stuff!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Your 'new' nails look great! Loving the art too x x x

  2. ooooooo did you use dotting tools? I really want to try this

    1. LOL Yes, I did! I the roundish drops were dotted, the French tips & lines to the drops were done with a detail brush.

  3. I like your blog!

    Love what you did for this mani ;)


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