Monday, December 31, 2012

Cult Nails New Year's Seduction nails

Happy New Year Dahlings!
After much debate, including a 10 polish over night skittle test mani, I finally decided what I wanted to ring in da New Year with on my nails.
My New Year's Eve line up: Ruby Kisses Whiter Than White & Snow White, L.A. Colors Live & Black Pearl, & last but far from least...the star of this mani...Cult Nails Seduction! Cult Nails is having a SALE today that runs until Midnight EST US! All limited edition Cult Nail Colors are $8 while supplies last & this includes Seduction! Starting tomorrow, their prices will be going up, so get yours NOW! Back to da nails:
This is 2 coats of Whiter Than White with 1 coat of Snow White on top, followed by a sponged gradient of Black Pearl, Live & Snow White.
Ta Da! This is 2 coats of Seduction over the gradient. You can just see the flakie goodness that is Seduction in this pic, but in day light I can see not only violet & red flashes, green & gold come out to play.
Mr Inky & I are way beyond the wild NYE party life, so we'll be hanging out with friends & watching movies all night while we knosh on yummy British noms. (Bob is the God King!)
Thanks for stopping by & please be safe while you have fun tonight!


  1. Super gorgeous Inky lady!! I hope you have a fantastic New Years dahling!!! <3

    1. Thank you Dahling! I hope yours was fab too! <3


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