Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When I break a No Buy...

Hello Dahlings!
Alas, I've been on a No Buy for a few weeks. (insert sad face here) I didn't just break it last weekend, I think I may have shattered it beyond repair. I have a few more pics this time than I usually post, so if you aren't in da mood for photo spam...move along.
My polish frenzy started last Saturday with a trip to Sally Beauty Supply. I put this visit off a week cuz of my no buy. I had been a wee bit worried that they'd be out of the 2 CG Cirques I had a lemming for, but I lucked out! I got China Glaze Whirled Away & Creative Fantasy, Color Club Berry & Bright and Snowflakes (on sale!), plus China Glaze Angel Wings & Red Pearl. (believe it or not, I didn't have a shimmery red in my stash)
On Sunday Mr Inky & I went for Dim Sum & right next door is a beauty supply store called Living Color. They had all of their polish on sale!n (insert swoon here) The Ruby Kisses were only $2.29 each!!! (usually they're about $5) Starting with the back left bottle & zig zagging across, we have: Hot & Sexy, Red Hot Chili Pepper, She a Goldigger, Where's the Party?, Bold & the Beautiful, Pitch Black Darkness & Whiter than White. (those aren't typos, that's how the names are spelled on the labels)
Followed by: Twinkling Mauve, Cool Bronze, Millionaire Green, Steel Magnolia, Snow White, Solid Copper & Shiny Peach.
Followed by: Teal Envy, Orange U Jealous, Tropical Green, Neon Green, Pink Goddess & Pink Hot Pants. Yeah, I went a wee bit cray cray, but at that price...how could I not?
Today I found this 4 pack of Revlon polishes at Grocery Outlet for $4.99!!! They had other color & finish options in 4, 5 & 6 packs. This one had colors I like: Oh My Magenta, Silver Screen, Temptress & Devilish.
I guess I'm back on my no buy now? Maybe? I'll try? Frau Meyer is not amused cuz when I play with my polish, I'm not petting her royal hiney-ness.
Thanks for stopping by & indulging my polish show & tell!
~ Inky


  1. Lol, jealous kitteh! I think I am just gonna stalk your mailbox. Being broke makes you stick to a no buy to well :(

    1. Don't I know it! Mr Inky was unemployed for several months & now that he's working again, we're playing catch up. No big Christmas for us. Thankfully our son is grown & doesn't expect big anymore. lol

      I wasn't a horrible lil Inky! Not only was everything I bought on sale...I used my own $ to buy it. Mr Inky could tease me about it, but he couldn't say no. lol

      You'll get caught up, we're all pulling for you!

  2. Oh my I think you did break your no buy inky lady! LOL But hey you can't pass up a good deal! :) All these polishes look amazing I can't wait to see what kind of manis you create using them!! : D

    1. I think I've used at least one, if not more, in each mani since I went nuts. LOL

  3. the no buy went out with an almighty BANG lol

    1. Yep! The debris is still raining down with more to come. lol


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