Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Luv Me Some Sally Hansen Chrome!

Hello Dahlings!
I hope you've recovered from your shock at seeing what polish Ho I can be! LOL Many of you have expressed an interest in the Sally Hansen Chromes I showed in my last haul post. I LOVE Sally Hansen's Chromes!!! Alas, they retired the line about 10 years ago. Da good news is you can still get many of them thru one of my all time fav eBay sellers. Cassie Cosmetics carries not only retired SH Chromes, but SH Prisms & Opals as well as many many other brands of retired polish, make up & accessories, much of it offered at BELOW the price those items sold for in stores. They don't carry everything, no one store can, but they have a lot of hard to find retired products & are always worth checking when you're looking for something specific or want to take a trip down make-up memory lane. The customer service is excellent too! (Harry ROCKS & has the patience of a saint!) Now onto da nails...
I'd like y'all to meet Sally Hansen Royal Purple Chrome 10 & Fuchsia Sapphire 53! The polish across the volume info on the label is my doing. The SH Chrome bottles are painted in a shiny metallic finish that doesn't always match the exact color of the polish in da bottle, so I swatch the polish on the outside. The bottle finish is also prone to chipping & scratching. If your bottles arrive looking like they've had a bit of rough handling, even tho some of them come in plastic bubbles on card board & haven't been touched since they left the factory 10+ years ago, don't panic & contact customer support. The polish is fine, the paint on the outside was a bad idea, hence SH doesn't do it any more. LOL
This is 2 coats of Royal Purple with an accent of Fuchsia Sapphire on my left hand.
This is the reverse on my right hand. Yes, I can paint both hands decently. A side benefit of being left handed. lol Neither hand has top coat at this point & notice how smooth the finish is! The lil smudgie spots near the cuticle are my fault! This line of polish dries uber fast & instead of leaving the 1st coat be & covering any self inflicted flaws with the 2nd coat, I tried to putz with it & left swirlies. Blerg.
I then attempted to stamp with the contrasting color & French tip the gap using Cheeky XL Plate B.
The polish stamps just fine if I move fast enuf & shows up well in person. Reality check: I need more practice with my stamping! Ironically, both accent nails came out well tho most of the others have missing patches.
Here's a close up of my left hand, so you can see how well these polishes stamp both light over dark as well as dark over light colors.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Ahhh! I love these. Chrome is one of my favorite finishes, and these have such a great smooth look. Love the stamping, too! ^.^

    1. Thanks, too! The modern 'chromes' are more of a foil finish & the few brands who've tried to put out a metallic with this type of smooth finish just can't over come the streaks. I'm glad these are still around! <3

  2. Love these - great stamping color combos too!!!


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