Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 Days of Holiday Nail Art Challenge ~ Snowmen

Hello Dahlings!
We're on day 4 & it's snowman nail time!
Tonight's line up: Sally Hansen Blue, Milani White on the Spot & Stripe Rite black.
This is 2 coats of Blu. I love the HD line & was a wee bit bummed when Sally Hansen retired it earlier this year. I understand clearing the old to make room for the new, but look at that blue!
Ta Da! I decided that a traditional snowman wasn't in it for me this year. LOL I used a dotting tool to build my snowcat & snowy French tips & the brush in the black nail art polish for the details.
Thanks to Kristine & Lorene for hosting this most awesome of challenges!
Thanks to YOU for stopping by & please visit the other challenge players!
~ Inky


  1. OH MY GOD! Your snowkitty is freaking ADORABLE!! I suppose I should have expected something like this from you Inky lady LOL And the blue is stunning! All around fantastic mani!! :D

    1. Thank you, thank you very much! I liked these so much myself, I left them on for 2 days. LOL

  2. this looks so fun, love your snowkitty :D

  3. Love it! Love the striking color blue nail polish and the design. Perfect for Christmas.

  4. awwwww how cute...the snow cat is very you honey...big thumbs up here xxxx


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