Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry X-mas to ME! ~ Haul post

Hello Dahlings!
As promised, I'm doing a show & tell of my holiday haul. Mr Inky & I have gotten to the point of not buying for each other as it's more practical to just buy for ourselves & know we'll both get what we want. If you're not in da mood for lots of pics of polish bottles...go do something else now, cuz I have 15 pics of polish to show you. On to da showing off...I mean show & tell...of bother, I'm listing stuff as it arrived at my house.
I have a total polish lust for Sally Hansen's retired Chrome polishes! They dry to a nice satiny, virtually streakless, metallic finish & can be used for stamping. In this pic are: Platinum Chrome 02, Moonstone Chrome 14, White Gold Chrome 16, Rhodolite Chrome 23 & Tanzanite Chrome 30.
Followed by: White Pearl Chrome 39, Fiery Pink Diamond Chrome 46, Lilac Diamond Chrome 49, Silver Diamond Chrome 50 & Myan Ruby 72. You can buy these fantabulous polishes from Cassie Cosmetics on eBay.
I also got in on JennaFroggy's (from I'm Still Thinking) Mystery Box Blog Sale! I got that big padded envie on Monday & it was packed full of Froggy goodness! In this pic: Essence Glamorous Life, Glimmer by Erica Christmas Wishes and Boxes & Bows mini indies, Sally Hansen Quick pens in metallic purple & metallic pink, green & silver holo loose glitter in lil pots, 4 lil bottles of pink & purple fish eggs plus shiney gold striping tape.
Followed by: Magnetix blue/purple w/2 magnets, LCN blue, Layla Ocean Rush holo, Klean Color Teal Marble, Revlon Posh & BB Couture Grasshopper.
Followed by: Berry M Gold Mine Glitter, Bb Couture Orion's Belt, Claire's Venomous, Nabi Clear Round Glitter & Santee Icy White.
Last, but certainly not least: Essie Skirting the Issue, Savvy Miami Mauve, Wet N' Wild Through the Grapevine, Sweet Color metallic pink & Ciate Wait Until Dark. None of these polishes duped anything I have & quite a few are brands than I haven't tried before. All in all a rousing success!
Arriving at the same time was my order from UNS on Amazon. They had great prices on Nubar polishes & even with da s/h, they still cost less than full retail. This pic: White Polka Dot, Absolute, Treasure, Brilliant & Essence. Yes, Wes, the non-polka dot polishes are all scatter holos.
Followed by: Prize, Black Polka Dots, Spark, Jewel & Gem. Yes, Wes, the non-polka dot polishes in this pic are also scatter holos.
My last order to arrive that day was more practical stuff from Cosmetic Central on Amazon. Seche Vite Pro Refill Kit, Orly Nail Armor base coat, Seche Restore polish thinner, 2 pks of Orly Nail Whitener & Orly Cuticle Oil.
Last Monday was a bonzer postal day! My prize from Miss Kristine of Pink & Polished arrived too! I won the mini set of Color Club's scented holiday polishes (Snowflakes, Berry & Bright, Ho-Ho Holly & Gift of Sparkle) & China Glaze Glistening Snow. (all on sale now at Sally's Beauty Supply!)
Also in my Pink & Polished prize pack was the Elf Mini Polish Cube! This pic: Smokey Brown, Taupe of the World, Blushing Beauty, Glamour Girl, Desert Haze & Gold Star. (Gold Star is a regular chunky glitter & doesn't contain any star shaped glitter.)
The other Elf Cube polishes: Green Machine, Dazzle Diva, Sea Escape, Violet Velvet, Cherry Bomb, Red-y or Not, Misty Haze & Chic Confetti. Thank you so much, Miss K! <3 font="font">
I made a trip to my local Sally's Beauty Supply last week. You know you're going somewhere a lot when they greet you by name as you walk in the door! Sally's is having a 'buy 2 get one free' Orly sale this month so I picked up: Orly Sheer Nude, Ingenue & Orly Platinum. I also grabbed a bottle of Seche Vite's Collage Overlay.
And then I made a 2nd trip to Sally's today cuz the end of month/year uber clearance is happening this week. I only found 1 uber discounted polish I wanted, but all the holiday polishes are on sale plus the Orly sale is still going on. So I got more Orly's! This pic: Royal Navy, Fantasea, Close Your Eyes & La Vida Loca.
The last 2 Orly polishes: Va VaVoom & Berry Blast plus Finger Paints Holly Dazzle & China Glaze Magnetix Bond-Tastic. (Bond-tastic was the 1 uber sale polish down to $1.99 from like $7ish originally.)
I have 5 Cult Nails polishes in da mail (due to arrive Monday), but I wanted this post to be about what I got this week. FYI: Cult Nails will be raising their price from $10 each to $12-$15 each starting Jan 1st. There's more info on their blog, but don't wait too long to check it out!
Thanks for stopping by & sticking around to the end of my gluttonous show & tell! 
~ Inky


  1. What a haul! O.o Please do a swatch post of those Sally Hansen chromes! I'm so curious about them

    1. You're in luck! I was in the middle of painting my nails with 2 of my Chrome collection when the notice for your comment popped into my inbox. LOL One Chrome mani coming up!

  2. omg... i'm so jealous *.*
    can't wait to see all the swatches and manicures with it :D


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