Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Crack Me Up!

Hello Dahlings!

I was in the mood to experiment with some untrieds one night recently...
 Over the last year I bought 5 of Claire's Mood polishes: hyper/relaxed is a blurple/aqua shimmer, fabulous/funky is a semi matte neon pink/bold pink, calm/wild is a shimmery magenta/pink, mellow/crazy is a sparkly almost glitter lavender/pink & peaceful/confident is a semi matte teal/turquoise.
The black is Sephora by OPI Blasted Black
From top to bottom on my right hand: thumb - peaceful/confident, index - hyper/relaxed, middle - mellow/crazy, ring - calm/wild, pinky - fabulous/funky.
I've had mood polishes before & I loved how my nail bed would be one color & the tip the other. These did NOT do that! 
My left hand at room temp. I reversed the order on this hand from what's on the right.
My right hand after adding heat. I had to practically scald my hand under the tap to get the colors to change. To pull this skittle mani together I topped my nails with Sephora by OPI Blasted Black crack polish. I've used this polish several times with no issues, but this time it pulled the hyper/relaxed (on my right index finger) away from the base coat so the color was missing in spots & on the fingers I used calm/wild I had hideous staining in the crack pattern. A week later & I still have traces of reddish pink on my right ring finger! Blerg.

So over all I have to call this mani a fail & can't recommend the Claire Mood polishes unless you just like the base color & have no hope for any color changing effect.

On the bright side, my Orly Nail Rescue patch on my right pinky is still holding!

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Very cute mani :D Sorry you are having to go through so much for your posts :O/

    1. Thanks! Me too. lol Hopefully Mr Inky can fix it or rig something up for me soon if Blogger doesn't stop thwarting my efforts.


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