Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kitchen Sink Saturday #4 ~ better late than never!

Hello Dahlings!
I appologize for my absense from da blog-o-sphere last week, real life interfered with my polish life. I love being a Stampin' Up! Demo, but when I have a camp or workshop scheduled, the week before it is pretty much sucked up with prep. Some of this prep consists of designing several greeting cards then cutting all the materials to make these cards in numbers from X10 to X28. This involves handling lots of card stock which sucks the moisture off my hands & I also lose moisture to frequent hand washing to get ink off my hands so I don't leave finger prints all over da place. Lubing my hands after every wash doesn't happen cuz the lotion will also leave finger prints. Why am I 'splaining all this? I thinkm y hands look like I'm related to a 'gator right now & will continue to do so for a couple more weeks cuz I have 2 more workshops to prep for before I can uber lube my mitts enough to fix da damage. Poop.
So my last Kitchen Sink Saturday nails are late cuz I didn't have time to do them until after camp last night. I was dead dog tired, but it felt SO good to have art on my nails after 5 days of just Zoya Storm! I'm not used to having just one color on my nails even if it is an awesome black holo. So on to da art:
Da line up: Nicole by OPI Back In My Gloria Days (from the Modern Family Collection), China Glaze Glistening Snow, Orly It's Up To Blue, Nicole by OPI Opal Texture, Wet N' Wild Rain Check & Funky Fingers Mermaid Lagoon. Also shown are a bit of Essence sponge & very thin striper brush from their Nail Art Kit & my large dotting tool.
All polishes were opaque in 2 coats. Starting with my thumb ~ Rain Check is a blue gray with a subtle blue shimmer; index ~ It's Up To Blue is a shimmery almost metallic aqua with a hint of green that wanted to stain during clean up, but did come off; middle & pinky ~ Glistening Snow is a bright silver scattered holo (tho da rainbows don't show here); ring ~ Back In My Gloria Days is glass fleck red violet (aka purple) that shows a potential for a gold shimmer, but I didn't see any on da nail.
Ta Da! From da top: Thumb ~ 2 coats of Mermaid Lagoon...I LOVE this polish! It has small magenta & light blue glitters with medium round silver holo bits that lay nice & flat. I did need to add a 2nd TC layer to make it smooth, but no application or fishing issues. I got it in a recent polish swap & went looking online for more of this brand. I couldn't find an actual website, but they are listed on eBay & several discount sites, so they may be discontined. Oh well. Index ~ I added the Opal Texture crack & while the subtle purply shimmer shows in person, my phone couldn't pick up much of it. Middle ~ gradiant time! I grabbed a bit of sponge & used IUTB with BIMGD to add color over Glistening Snow & the holo goodness shows thru', Me likey! Ring ~ double dots using IUTB with the large dotting head & Glistening Snow with the small head. I had wanted to use OPI Turquoise Shatter on this nail, but my bottle had gooped up bad. (I've added thinner & will see if I can save it) Pinky ~ free hand stripes using IUTB & BIMGD with da skinny striper brush.
I've had way kewl fun doing this challenge! My thanks to Nicole at Young Wild and Polished for getting this challenge started & inspiring us to reach beyond our comfort zone of ALL NAILS MUST MATCH. They don't, they really don't.
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It's been swell, ladies & gents, but the swelling's gone down...thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Oh WOW! This is freaking amazing Inky lady!! :) I absolutely love the colors you used they are such bright and cheery colors! :D Gorgeous dahling, just gorgeous! <3

  2. Loving those colours! I especially like the gradient and the stripey one. And that glitter is so nice!

  3. i seriously love these kitchen sink mani's you've been doing.

    1. I'm glad you've enjoyed them! I hope to see you sporting one in da near can do it! <3


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