Friday, April 3, 2015

First Friday Frankens ~ I made stamping polish!

Hello Dahlings!
This month I have 3 made by me polishes to show you!
 Under da sea!
 I started with 2 coats of Seafoam.
I made this one from white base & craft pigment.
It has a subtle shimmer lurking in its minty fresh depths.
 Da glitter on my ring finger has a bit of a tale...
It started out an aqua jelly with holo glitter
called Spandex by Blue Cross
(da Halloween pumpkin head polish peeps)
that I had bought 20+ years ago.
I added more holo glitter over a year ago & since then,
it glued itself shut. Blerg.
So after dribbling acetone down the neck to get it under da cap
& gripping it with my Topsy bottle grippers to no avail,
I went to da last resort for opening stuck polish caps...pliers.
I got da bottle open, but da cap broke.
Da only empty polish bottle I could find quickly
was one of da empty Mega Punk bottles
that had some dregs in da corners.
Since blue & pinkish purple don't usually make mud, I took a chance.
Me likey! Now I just need to name this serendipitous polish.
Da original was named Spandex & now it's mixed with Mega Punk...
Punk Pants? Disco Butt? Any suggestions from da peanut gallery?
 I stamped using Majestic Blue stamping franken,
I made a bunch of stamping frankens...
Just a few!
Some of them are in other places right now & aren't pictured,
but you can see da light blue, salmon pink & bright red
(da red needs tweaking)
HERE & I'll be showing da gray, black & lavender polishes
not pictured here sooner than later.
Most of them started as a set from Shany
that I got on Amazon for around $1 a bottle.
Some in da set were glitter toppers & some were jellies,
but most were crèmes that had the viscosity to stamp,
tho not all of them had the opacity to show up over black.
I soon fixed that!
I also used some L.A. Splash summer 2014 polishes
that I picked up at Ross.
They had that almost good enuf to stamp quality,
but needed tweaking.
I started by stamping all da polishes onto black glossy paper
to see what each needed tweaked.
I then added white polish to each bottle to up da opacity.
I then stamped them all again. Some were looking good,
so I let them sit while I added pigment to the others.
I used craft pigments & cosmetic pigments, including eye shadow.
Do Me Red needs work as it disappeared
when I stamped it over black polish
even tho it tested well over black paper.
Others may need tweaking too.
Polish making isn't as easy as peeps think!
Some colors are persnickety.
i.e. da bright yellow insists on looking green when stamped over black
plus getting both da opacity & da viscosity right for stamping
without creating a lump of congealed polish can be tricky. 
Having putzed about a bit making polish, I
 have uber respect for indie makers!
Making one bottle of pretty AND usable polish is challenging.
Producing consistent batches of polish
with minimal batch variants would be HARD.
Plus you have da whole 'create polish that peeps want to buy' issue too.
So I bow down before da beautiful & brilliant lades that make us polish!
>^. .^<
Can I has fish on my claws too?
This is Little Bandita, she lives across da street,
but comes by for snuggles.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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