Friday, April 17, 2015

HPB Presents ~ April Showers!

Hello Dahlings!
This month da Hobby Polish Bloggers FB group are doing April Showers manis.
I did this...
 April showers & other types of wet weather
are something I'm very familiar with
cuz I live in da Pacific North Wet.
Not my best stamping, but fun enuf!
 I started with 2 buttery blingy coats of Cuttin' Edge Polish Grim.
Da soft holo rainbows were da perfect background!
(da shop will reopen soon!)
& my Creative Shop Stamper to do da stamping.
Both are available from Beautometry
 I stamped using 2 of my stamping frankens
& while both stamped ok,
Pewter needs to be lightened a bit to more of a gray
than da dusty black it looks here.
>^. .^<
Me no likey getting wet furs,
so I'se gonna nap da April Showers away.
Wakes me when da May flowers bloom?
Thank for stopping by &
please go show da luvs to da other
Hobby Polish Bloggers!
~ Inky


  1. That plate has so many fun designs on it! I especially like the one you used on your index finger.

    1. Doesn't it? Me too! I think it needs to be stamped using silver holo polish to really get that just splashed look right. :)

  2. That's such a cute stamping plate!

    1. Beautometry has a plethora of cool plates to stamp with! :)

  3. I love your kitty take on things. Cute mani and I like to do a few Frankens too😃

    1. Thanks! Ciri is such a vibrant part of our lives it would be hard to leave him out of anything. LOL

  4. this looks lovely! and your post introduced me to two new brands!


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