Friday, April 24, 2015

Sometimes It's the Little Things

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have a nail fail for you.
It's not the worst mani ever.
It just didn't come out how I wanted it to look.
I've been nutso cray cray busy this month &
being frazzled & lazy while trying to do nails rarely works out well.
 I know this looks just fine to many of you,
but there are flaws that I will 'splain.
I just feel that I didn't do justice to da beautiful polishes I used.
 Da line up ~ Ruby Kisses Pitch Dark Blackness,
Big T Ranch Soap & Candles Lagoon & Eclipse,
None of these are currently available
tho' I'll be swatching da Big T Ranch polishes very soon.
I just couldn't wait to get them on mah nails!
Basically my fail started with my undies of PDB.
You can see that the bottle is almost half empty
cuz I've used it quite a bit.
Alas, it's started to thicken
& rather than add a few drops of thinner,
I used it as & ended up with lumpy undies. Blerg.
This made Lagoon's 2 buttery smooth,
color shifting coats of beauty lumpy too.
I then added 2 thin coats of sparkly Eclipse 
between da tips of my fingers & the bottom of my points.
With da already present lumps this made my nails thicker
in an almost platypus bill kind of way. Blerg.
Enter da stamping.
I used this lace plate from Cuttin' Edge Polish
with da Hit the Bottle stamping polish
I had da dangedest time getting da lace on mah nails!
It could be due to da plate, da stamper or da polish.
At this point I think it was da stamper
cuz it had been sitting out for several days
& I think between skin oil & dust
I really should have washed it before stamping.
It didn't want to pick up the polish
or transfer what it did pick up well.
In spite of da voids in da stamping, 
da Hit the Bottle polish was very opaque
& easy to see over these dark colors!
See da pretty colors trying to peek out?
All of these da Big T Ranch & Hit the Bottle polishes
are beautiful & had great formulas!
I just didn't do them justice with lumpy undies
& not doing proper maintenance on my stamper. 
10 coats of polish due to my taking 3 days to get this mani done
didn't help da lumpy appearance either.
>^. .^<
I'se gonna pretends I didn't see these claw fuglies,
even tho' you wore it all week.
Thanks for stopping by!
If I can't be a good example,
I'll settle for being a horrible warning.
~ Inky

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  1. That's such a pretty mani! You remind me that I need some thinner! My animals think I waste too much time on my nails! Lol hugs to Inky and the gang❤️


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