Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Swatch-o-rama feat. Cuttin Edge Polish!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have a not so new to me brand to share with you!
I've bought quite a few Cuttin' Edge Polishes
in da last year or so and when da splendiferous Sara
contacted me about swatching I was all over that!
So 3 of these bottles were sent to me for swatch & review,
a couple were gifts & one I purchased. I like to mix it up!
all swatches are 2 coats over my franken base
with SH Dries Instantly tc unless otherwise noted
Here we go!
Have you ever watched Gold Rush on da Discovery channel?
At the end of each show da dif groups show jars
with how much gold they got that week.
That's what this polish looks like on da nail with da bonus of holo rainbows!
No fishing required to get da blingy holo bits & hexes out.
While it's technically a texture polish,
all those shiny bits of treasure played nicely
& didn't feel like it was going to remove skin
if I bumped into Mr Inky.
This soft misty gray polish
with it's subtle rainbows was da perfect back drop
for da HPB April Showers challenge I posted last Friday!
It went on buttery smooth & was a joy to apply & wear.
One of the reasons I love Cuttin' Edge is that Sara loves skull glitter too!
I had no prob getting good coverage of asst shiny bits,
da black jelly is nigh on opaque in 3 coats
& I didn't have to fish all that much to get a skully to come out & play.
It's purple with soft scattered rainbows...what's not to love!
Buttery smooth & oh so pretty.
Purple holo lovers, you NEED this!
My secret passion for orange polish is more than happy
with this shimmery bright golden orange!
My bottle had sat for awhile, so I had to aerobicize it a bit,
but all that finger lickin' orangey goodness was worth it.
This is a candy store in a bottle!
Sara has put a lil bit of everything sweet
into this pale pink jelly for our nail viewing pleasure.
Da jelly is smooth & opaque in 3 coats
& I didn't need to go fishing
to get an abundant buffet of glitters on each nail.
Inky's Tip for Happily Applying Chunky Glitters ~
It's a fact...chunky glitters will sink to da bottom of da bottle eventually.
Gravity, it's da law!
I figured out that if I store my bottles of chunky bits o' bliss upside down
or at least set them on their cap (or in a small glass)
for a while before using them,
da glitters get redistributed without a work out on my part
& I get a much easier application
with greatly reduced fishing or no fishing at all.
Guess what?
All of these beauties are ON SALE RIGHT NOW!!!
You have until April 26th to get your paws on these polishes
for less than da already reasonable prices, plus all da nail art goodies too!
Save 30% on your Cuttin' Edge Polish orders by putting
in da coupon box during check out.
>^. .^<
I usin' my hypno-eyes on you hoomans...
Thanks for stopping by
& now go show Sara da polish love at da
~ Inky

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