Saturday, November 28, 2015

Indie Inlinkz Presents ~ An Indie I'm Thankful For feat. Carpe Noctem Cosmetics!

Hello Dahlings!
This month da Indie Inlinkz Facebook group are showcasing 
Indie brands we're thankful for
I've been buying CNC polish for a couple of years now
& just this fall got to swatch & review both da
& several of her body pampering products from da
since I wrote da above post & it's FANTABULOUS!)
I've been a fan of Emily's high quality polishes & beauty products
since trying them da first time!
She is so uber careful with da details of hew creations
that I've never had any issues with ANY of her products.
Not even separation of da polishes
& that's practically a given with any polish that sits around long enuf.
So in addition to a bunch of link spam to other posts of mine
featuring CNC polishes,
I'm going to tantalize your polish lust with this beauty...
 This is 2 uber luscious flash pic coats of You're a Plum! Thank You!
M of Hope carries da full CNC Cancer Nail Polish Collection.
 Same mani under LED to bring out those linear rainbows.
Between da teal leaning blue linear holo base
& da intense purple chrome shimmer,
this beauty is mesmerizing in person!
I had a really hard time trying get a good pic
of both da color & da shimmer,
so trust me when I tell y'all
this polish is MOST EXCELLENT.
Now for da spammy portion of this post to further entice you!
To see more of da deliciousness that awaits you when you order...
You KNOW you want these beauties on your claws ASAP!
Emily isn't doing a Black Friday sale cuz she believes
we should be savoring our precious time with our families,
not pondering our shopping strategies. I agree!
She is however, adding da M of Hope collection
& a bunch of other good stuff to her shop
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics 
today (Saturday, Nov 27th) 
along with a discount of 20% off your $20+ order.
Just use da code: TURKEYSANDWICH
in da coupon box to get da savings!
Why am I thankful for Carpe Noctem Cosmetics?
Let's see...
there's Emily's quirky sense of humor that plays so well with mine, 
her gorgeous face & hair that show how well her apothecary products work,
her enthusiasm for creating quality beauty products 
with out unnecessary scents or colors 
(Don't even try to come between me & my reborn balm!)
& the high quality of both her creations and her customer service...
what's not to be thankful for in an indie brand!?!
I'm looking forward to many years of shared fun with Emily
>^. .^<
 What's in here? Is dat cat nip I sniffs?
 You harshing mah buzz, Ziggy?
 Now Luna wants in on dis too?
Serves Ziggy right for stealing my bag o' nip!
Thanks for stopping by
& please share da luvs with da other Indie Inlinks ladies
and most certainly with Carpe Noctem Cosmetics!
~ Inky


  1. I have a lot of love for Carpe Noctem Cosmetics as well! One of the first indie brands I purchased from. Emily's collections are always interesting and cohesive. Each polish has a little something extra about it that makes them all so stunning!

  2. I definitely need to try this brand, they have some pretty shades!

  3. I can definitly see why you like this polish and I need to take a look at the brand.


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