Monday, November 30, 2015

My October Trip to Las Vegas Hair & Nails

Hello Dahlings!
October was a mess for me.
Ciri got bit to da bone in a cat fight.
Ziggy got an infection in his mouth.
Luna & Jazz came down with something & stopped eating.
All of this meant doing messy unpleasant things to my cats
involving meds, food, oral syringes, hot compresses & sub-Q fluids
every 4 hours or so from Oct 3rd thru to da 30th. Not fun.
Mr Inky & I had plans to go to Las Vegas in early Oct.
My Inky had a conference to attend during da week
& I was to have several days of play & relax time.
Then Ciri got hurt & needed a lot of care.
I was going to have to skip da trip.
Then my most magnificent MOM volunteered
to drive 7 hours, one way, to cat sit,
so I could at least join Mr Inky for da weekend,
when we had tickets to go see shows
& our scheduled day for hanging out with Penn Gillette.
(Yes, THAT Penn of Penn & Teller magician fame)
So Mr Inky helped me dye my hair da Saturday before he left
& I painted my nails da following Thursday night
before I flew to join him.
Here are da pics...
 We did a split color of pink on top & blue underneath.
This went over da leftovers of da party stripes
we did in August for da cruise.
 Da color is this pic sucks, but you can see my 2 toned bangs
& how da blue violet plays peek-a-boo thru da pink in da back.
 Da line up ~ Princessa 540-07, 540-08 & 540-06,
(these don't have names, just #s)
(still available, just awkward to post a link to)
 I started with a coat of Cotton Granny Panties franken white.
Then added 2 coats of da Princessas.
These are crellies & fairly opaque in 2-3 coats,
but I wanted them to pop, so went with da unders.
 One full brush dabbing of Fantasia from Pam's fall collection.
 Shards of purple & fuchsia made for sparkly fun!
 I added a coat of Let Me Holo At Ya!
so I could have uber sparkly nails.
 And duh!
On that Saturday, Mr Inky & I got to hang out with Penn & Emily.
We went to da Spa at da Rio after lunch & I got a pedi
(Which I badly needed as I'd shreaded over one toe nail 
with my suitcase at da airport & ripped another one off
tripping over da end of da couch in our hotel room)
& a light trimming of my hair.
Barbra was most excellent & having so much fun playing with my hair
(she was pleased to see how well I take care of my long tresses,
so that da bleaching hasn't fried it & it feels like real hair, not a wig)
that I let her do me an up do for da P&T show that night.
I felt SO fancy! LOL
We had uber fun seeing Mac King, 50 Shades The Parody,
I came home more tired than when I got there,
dehydrated & not looking forward to more cat care plus camp prep,
but I'm so grateful to my mommy for taking care of Ciri that weekend!
>^. .^<
 Poor lil guy!
He had a tube coming out of the underside of his shaved leg for drainage
& his paw swelled up to more than twice it's normal size.
This is NOT my usually happy & hyper Royal Tininess of Cute-I-tude.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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