Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eeek! Show & Tell?

Hi all!

Since Mimi from Mimi"s Manicures was nice enough to send you here, I thought I'd post something for you to look at. After having this thought I learned several things:

1) Although I do 2-3 manis on myself each week, I haven't taken that many photos.
2) Most of those photos were taken with my old phone, not the one I currently have.
3) I had NO idea where my hubby put those photos when he downloaded them from my old phone to the server.
4) After hunting around for an hour I found the photos, emailed them to myself, saved them to the photo gallery only to learn that they are now read only & can't be edited until hubby tells me how the bleep to unlock them. Since he won't be home tomorrow, you get what I have with bad lighting, awkward hand poses & uncropped.

This is the first mani I took a photo of back in late February. I was so dang impressed with myself! LOL I got the idea from Miss80Million then did it my way. I used Klean Color Holochrome for the base, L.A. Colors Color Craze black & white (I don't have the #'s or names handy) with a dotting tool. I think I used Sally Hansen Fast Dry Topcoat, but as I've slept since then I can't be sure.

About a week later...CATASTROPHE!!! Here I'd done an interesting comparison of plum based blue duochromes. A few days after doing this mani I went to scratch my head & that nail popped off like a cheap plastic tip. I was not a happy camper. #8(

Here are my off hand (right) nails about a week after cutting. I needed cheering up so out came Orly's Oh Cabana Boy! & some Hello Kitty nail art stickers. Who can be grumpy with Hello Kitty on their nails? Not me!

In late March I got a Sally Girl Orange scented mini & some fimo orange slices on clearance. I used Pure Ice Crushed crackle on my ring fingers with an orange slice over the Sally Girl. I used L.A. Girl Nail art polish in white for the creamcicle french tips. The mani was fun, but alas, when you apply topcoat over scented polish, you lose the scent.

My Easter mani was done with an assortment of Claire's mini polishes, L.A. Colors Color Craze white & a dotting tool.

The rest of the spring & summer where pretty nuts with family visiting & Stampin' Up! stuff, so I didn't take any photos tho I was doing my nails 2-3 times a week. This is what's on my nails right now: Orly Right Amount of Evil, Revlon Ocean Breeze (scented, but I got it for the color), L.A. Girl nail art white & my trusty dotting tool. I also am trying out the home made white glue base coat idea going around the nail art blog-o-sphere. I painted my nails on Friday night & here it is Wednesday with minimal tip wear & only the corner of my left index finger showing any signs of lifting. I hope to leave this on until at least Thursday night & hopefully Friday night. I'll let you know how removal goes. Supposedly one just has to pick at the edge & peel off the polish without damage to the nail. We'll see!

Thanks for hanging in to the end of this mini maniadventure! If you didn't find me thru Mimi's blog, please go visit her HERE She has to kewlest long nails & does totally awesome nail art!

~ Inky

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