Monday, October 29, 2012

NOTW #1 pumpkins or carrots?

Hello Dahlings!

When I asked for ideas for my last Halloween mani of da year, Kristine of Pink & Polished suggested Jack-o-lanterns for my last Halloween manicure, so I went her idea. Tonight's lesson was that I can carve pumpkins way better than I can paint them on my nails.

This was my jack-o-lantern in 2006. The faces & letters were cut all the way thru. The full moon background was created by carving away the skin of the pumpkin. This is my usual pumpkin carving style. Somewhat detailed & labor intensive.

These are my pumpkin nails. Yep! I definitely need to practice this design so  next time they look like pumpkins, not insane carrots.  

 Polishes used: Finger Paints Are You Blue?, Wet N' Wild, China Glaze Riviting & Agro, Joe Jet. I used my detail & short striper for the details.

This is Are You Blue? by it's self. It's pretty enuf & went on OK, but it dried a bit streaky as metallics are prone to do. Since I was going to be painting over most of it, no biggie, but this would drive me nuts if I just added top coat & called it good enuf.

Granted, I almost never use just one color & call it good enuf. LOL I know most folks do just this every day, but I have an issue with leaving well enuf alone. I have to do MORE even if it's just glitter or crack or a french tip for contrast & texture. One of the things I love most about nail art is that there really isn't a wrong way to do it as long as you aren't hurting yourself & like the results. I can't give myself an A+ on this mani, but I'll take the C and try to learn from my mistakes.

~ Inky

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