Friday, October 19, 2012

white glue base coat

I said I let you know how removal of the Orly glitter bomb over white glue went...well it did & it didn't.
Here are my nails right before I tried to remove the polish. Not bad for almost a week! Minimal tip wear & only one corner on my left thumb was lifting.

Here are my nails after nudging the edges with the angled end of my jumbo orange stick as directed by several bloggers who've posted about this. The polish on the base of my nails came off easily. The polish below the nail line didn't, except for my thumb with the lifted corner, most of that came off leaving an 1/8" strip of polish just below the nail line. Mr. Inky though maybe the white part needed to be the same temperature as the pink part of my nail to peel easily. Okay, off to the bathroom to wash/soak my nails in hot water. No deal. The polish didn't budge. So out came the acetone. I have to say removal was easier with the acetone & the glue base coat than it usually is with regular base coat. I still had to soak my nails & had bits of glitter here & there after the polish was gone, but the glue started lifting up at that point & I could peel if off in lil bits. It may be that I didn't get a sufficiently thick layer of glue laid down. I did have some oozing of the glue resulting in blobs near the edges that I went over again to smooth out. That may have thinned it out too much.

I'm willing to try white glue base coat under glitter again.

~ Inky


  1. i tried the glue method a few times and it worked well for me, lasted a few days at a time. after a while though my nails were starting to peel, so i stopped and went crazy with the solar oil and now they're back to normal.

    that scrubby tub thing i mentioned on my blog works amazingly for glitter removal. so much faster than the foil method. i'd suggest that thing to anyone :D

    love this manicure btw

  2. I'm going to try it again. If nothing else I want to figure out what I did wrong. LOL I looked at it in a store at one point, but after reading your review of it, I'm seriously considering getting one. I've been using a jar of acetone with a sponge in it & it works pretty well for most manis. Glitter takes a bit more soaking & if it's chunky style there are always a couple of bit to scrape off to get the job done. Foil took too long & made my fingers cold.

    Thanks! I really enjoy the double dots technique. It's not all that hard to do & looks pretty nifty.


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